DentaVox - Get paid in crypto for answering surveys
DentaVox - Get paid in crypto for answering surveys

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 3 weeks ago

So guys, 

recently I've been receiving e-mails from DentaVox platform where I have registered more than a year ago and earned some small amounts of DCN tokens. Anyway back then I lost the access to the coins I earned due to lost private keys. Anyway from today's perspective, it's not a big deal because now I'm getting more DCN for completing a 5 minute survey than back then for 10. Anyway, It seems that the platform evolved to the point that now there are hundreds of different surveys you can complete and earn lots of DCN. Just for the fun I went there last night and completed 2-3 surveys that took me about 15 minutes and I had over 90 000 DCN.

Anyway, it is worth mentioning that the website has strong protection from people who are going there to just be putting whatever they want. There are a lot of trick questions and if you keep answering the same question in different way you will get banned. There are few different levels of bans, starting from few hours to a permanent ban.

DCN is ERC20 token so it can be withdrawn in any compatible Ethereum wallet. I use Atomic. Here is my cash out from last night:


The interesting part is that currently DCN is traded on several exchanges and the price is so LOW that you can only gain profit from it.

Today, I went back to the website and done few more surveys until I hit some daily limit - like 7-8 surveys a day. I earned another 190 000 DCN:


Basically I'd say this is one of the easiest ways to earn some crypto that would even help you learn some useful stuff about the dental hygiene, practices and different options you have when you take care about your mouth :)

Anyway, withdrawals are limited to once a day, which is not bad at all. You can either trade the DCN to Bitcoin or whatever else you want or keep then and hope that their price will rise.

There is a referral program which promises rewards, but I have no clue at all what those rewards are. Anyway, if anyone wants to join under my link here it is:

Otherwise you can just do to

I hope guys you find this helpful and earn some DCN. Just to give you some idea what kind of DCN you can expect per survey I will leave several screenshots:



And there are tons of other questionnaires. Daily questions and so on. I think it's worth checking.


I really enjoy Publish0x!

Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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