CryptoTab browser - the easiest way to earn some change in bitcoin while doing absolutely nothing

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 12 Sep 2019

So, this past week I've been earning about 22 cents per day in bitcoin while running CryptoTab Browser in the background on my laptop.

I know it's not much, but hey, this is more than what I pay to run the laptop in general. It stays on anyway so I can use it with remote desktop while I'm at my work. Truth is I know for a while about Crypto tab, but I used other means to mine crypto with the CPU for a long time - XMR, ETN, BCN and so on. All of them require a separate miner installed and pretty much they take all the juice from any machine I use. But now when I tried CryptoTab I manage to see that it's easy to choose what amount of processing power you can use to mine and it actually earns you not a bad amount of BTC when you consider my CPU is with TDP only 35 Wats and the fact that the laptop is mining doesn't bother me and doesn't really cause it to overheat I do not see a drawback.

Anyway, here is an payment proof for the people that think CryptoTab might be a scam,

Here you can see I sent myself to my wallet 0.00001014 BTC on 22nd of August.

And here you can see screenshot from my wallet:

It took few hours but I got the payment. And there was no fee to transfer it to my Blockchain account.

Anyway, you guys can try it yourself. 

Here you can use my Referral link:

If you feel like not joining my network, but trying it anyway, this is where you should go to download the browser:

You can run it on multiple machines - You just need to add your Google Account. The browser is using the Chrome Source code, so it can be used the same way as Chrome, by logging with Google account and having your favorites and any extensions you might want to use from the Chrome store. Still, I'd recommend using Publish0x with Brave, as it works best.

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I really enjoy Publish0x!

Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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