Copy-trading on eTorro - passive income idea

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 28 Dec 2019

For quite some time I've been eyeballing eTorro. I checked the search in Publish0x and found out that there is not a single article about this platform.

So I wanted to post about it. eTorro is an quite old company - found in 2006, situated and regulated in UK. From what I found out about them in my research they are pretty trustworthy. They are developing the social trading/copy-trading. What is that? This is the ability to observe the trades of any trader on the network and use their experience to copy each of their trades. This is free of charge... You can see everyone's statistics for the past 2+ years. All their gains and loses. The system evaluates the risks every trader takes and gives them a grade - 5 being the highest. And finding such traders is quite easy with the integrated search with very specific filters - to me it looks very easy. There are traders with thousands of followers/copiers. There are profit margins from 5-10%/year up to 100+% a year. eTorro is platform where you can invest and trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, currencies, indices and commodities. All in one place. The best part is that it does not take a lot of money to start. You just need to fund your account with any of the following options:


Then you can either start trading yourself or just copy some of the top traders. Of course there are risks of losing, as with any other investment. The really cool part is that you are not paying commissions for each trade you do as you would normally do on other platforms.

But hey, there is option to select a Demo Account option:


And test all of this before actually putting money into this platform. 

Because there is tons of information over the internet of "how easy is to make crazy money with eTorro" it is important for you to understand, that this is NOT a magic place, where everyone make thousands and millions from trading. I just want to be clear that there is no Easy money to be made here. For the Social Trading/Copy-trading the most important thing is not to understand how the market works - that would be great if you do, but it is important for you to realize how to spot the people you will be copying. And one very important point is - you should always diversify your money. Do not put all of your "eggs in a single basket" - never copy only a single trader. Losing is part of the "game" and it is completely normal that there will be some months when even the top "players" will lose some %.

Anyway, I did dig this article for you guys, where the author explains the misconceptions and the false myths about eTorro and in it there are some links for more additional information you could possibly use. Yes I know the article is quite old, but the fact is that most of the topics in it and completely valid now. Here is also the same guy's eTorro review.

I, myself haven't yet started doing trading there, just researching - I'm planning to try the demo version in order to check how I can prepare for the real thing and most of all to see if that is really for me. 

Also there were few cool adds on Youtube of eTorro. One of them were featuring Alec Baldwin


Not sure if there is a reward for inviting people in eTorro, but here is my referral link in case of anyone wants to use it:

Also it is important to mention, eTorro is having apps both on Android and iOS. And from my experience the Android app is quite easy to use.


I really hope you guys find this helpful.

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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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