Bitcoin adoption (where are we). What can be bought with BTC? Who accepts Bitcoin. (feat. SPENDMENOT)

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 25 Aug 2020

Hello guys, 

I took the idea from website called "SPENDMENOT". Also I took their graphics - I will link their original article at the end of this post.

So here is a beautiful graphics on a popular businesses that are accepting cryptocurrency as payment methods. Of course those are subject to change at any moment:


As you can see there on the graphics there are 14 different branches with total number of over 150 different companies that are supporting the bitcoin (and some other popular crypto assets) as a payment method which is a huge push for the crypto towards the mass adoption which is the end game in the financial world. And guys, this scares the banking industry BIG time. This is why you will very often see some popular economists or banking moguls to speak against crypto with heavy claims that the crypto has no real value. The fact is they are just pissing their pants for the moment when the modern banking system with all it's flaws will fail.

Anyway, let me just pull several company names that will speak for themselves:




Burger King

Domino’s Pizza

Goldman Sachs

Royal Bank of Canada






Lamborghini Newport Beach

Red Cross

AMC Theaters

Lionsgate Films





PlayStation Network







Those are just part of the multi-million and billion dollar businesses that are supporting the development of the crypto.  If you look closer there are several banks mentioned in the list and those are probably the first that will adapt in the new reality where the cryptocurrency eventually will be the universal payment method instead of the horrors that we need to experience at the moment when for example we need to pay money in another country in different currency - that could take several days and you will need to pay multiple taxes to the banks - one for the transfer itself, fee for conversion, fee for the manual work the cashier is doing and so on. And this literally takes days. Currently transferring Bitcoin or some other crypto might take few min and cost cents per hundreds of dollars for the transfer.

Anyway, here is the link for the original article from "SPENDMENOT".

If you feel like it, go and check it, it's an interesting piece.

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Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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