Crypto art start here Crazy rich nation
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Crypto art start here Crazy rich nation

By WeiDante | Wei Cryptoart | 9 Sep 2020

Bilionair Analyst © copyright weidante tokenised and for sale on Rarible
The Analysis of Billionaires

The strange Analysis, of how a killing billionaires see the unemployed worker (of art)

There is a lot of theories around how the world of how he will suffer a recognizable change, how after the so-called " came back of normality", the return of the never gone, humanity will suffer the worst recession ever, setbacks that will incorporate the new battle of the classes, all godown and negative, fear and uncertainty, communisms and the fascism.

The is the incorporation of pos cognitive thinking that lead to fake self-actualization, a massive scale of unbalance that creates an entanglement on chains that hold the plates in place. The precarious situation was always there, was just as eminent. Billionaires became this tentacle predator that hunts by creating the illusion of being only a statue, incredibly still, no one can shoot or harm a statue. Also on the other side, a new class is seeing their upbringing, where human work, never had so much value as now. The working-class handles and faces risks, and look directly on jaws full of glass billionaires.

The unmovable meets the unstoppable

Rewards vs difficulty

Unemployment will transform the poverty limit during capitalism, and the billionaires are living the thrill of having their mouth open.

Is like seeing killing machines looking at each other.

Because the moment you realize the unemployment and social unrest can't really coexist in the landscape of millionaires and billionaires who kill for a shred of profit.

And your only option is to give unlimited support to artists

For sale Here:

The complains addressed;

How to start your work to the crypto space ?

Well 1º know a bit of crypto, what is and why do we belive in it.
You will need this for conceptualizing what is the ancient thing  NFT that now can be tokenized on the blockchain technology.
You should start with content, this will stabilise almost all kinds of digital content in the next few months, produce and label all, tell a story for all, organize all.
Create a portfolio with this but don't reveal all at once.
Create a little bit in house knowledge of the terminology, so that you don't fall on the trap of not getting what fuck is a Pepe chan meme NFT  
Make an address book to store all those passwords 
Download Metamask zilpay hivechainer, this is your new credential wallet, if you have this secure you have reach a important step.
Do not invest what you don't have
Create a cent account - here

for now is all

Good luck


Hey, I'm Portuguese Artist and a professor to be. Direct and honest to the point of no return. Noting obvious everything is Molecules and dreams. (I'm dyslexic)

Wei Cryptoart
Wei Cryptoart

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