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Weekly CHIA Update #6

By k1ll1van1ll1 | Weekly CHIA Update | 16 May 2021

Ok, today we're going to talk a little bit about how the CHIA community has changed and what happened this week.

1. Pools shift. What can I say? Best of all, nothing. Last week I noticed that pools are CLEARLY too late and should have been implemented from the start, but it is what it is. Definitely borderline that a fixed date was first mentioned and this has now been postponed to "end of May", but we cannot change it. The couple of days no longer make the buck fat either.

2. Several weeks ago I pointed out the things that were going wrong with Chia. Nobody really cared and if they did, it was downplayed. Now I notice, even though I only look very sporadically on Reddit, that the sound is getting a bit rougher. What did you expect? Nothing has changed, if at all for the better! Classic case from DYOR!

3. Increasingly, one reads articles like “It's too late to plot, don't invest any money!” Or “Invest all your money in plotting PCs!”. What now? And is that a new problem?

Definitely no! Even when I started I was faced with this decision.

- Should I just use my existing hardware and be good? (approx 3TB free Space)

- Should I upgrade my PC a bit (faster plotting) and just buy hard drives as needed?

- Should I go ALL-IN and build myself a real plotting server?

I decided on variant 2. In retrospect, of course, that was a VERY bad decision. With almost $ 1000 I could easily have doubled my plots per day and 12TB hard drives were also cheap at this time. Still, I decided against taking the risk. If I had known where it was going, I would have acted differently. I didn't know, however.

At this point in time, I don't think it's worth plotting at all before pools are available. But if Chia is worth $ 25,000 a year from now, I would see it differently again.

Do you notice what I am saying? It is an eternal cycle! You will make right decisions and make mistakes all your life. That will never change.

Perhaps my thoughts will help you to find the right answer FOR YOU. Because there is no right answer for everyone.

My personal opinion TODAY is, you better buy XCH instead of putting the money into a plotter. But that's just my own Humble opinion and it could change tomorrow.

Before we start of into our Chia week I would like to show you one more thing! The first ever project on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain gets released soon and they currently give away 10 Tokens to everyone who signs up! Check my last article for more information or simply go on and sign up to it!


not available






11.5.21 = 49.673 blocks = 99.346 = 18,8 %

16.5.21 = 58.679 blocks = 117.358 XCH / 578.624 XCH Total = 20,3 %

So Hpool gained roughly 1.5% in the last 5 days, which I would consider OK. Doesn't change the fact that they own still way to much of the total Netspace as well as Supply!






11.5.21 = 1353,89PB / 3385.84PB Total = 39,97% total Netspace

16.5.21 = 2219,74 PB / 5544.94PB Total = 40,02% total Netspace

Unfortunatelly we weren't able to keep up the downward trend from last report and Hpool managed to gain a little bit of Netspace. I still hope with Pools available we will see Hpool fall down to 10%, which still is a lot and, to be honest, too much. But I still have faith we can get rid of Hpool one day.

PS: What I do here is, I believe the values Hpool shows on their Homepage. Still could be faked by Hpool though!






Just looks fine, nothing bad to see here!






11.5.21 = up to 3386PB = + 112%

16.5.21 = up to 5545PB = + 64%

So within only 5 days (my last report came pretty late) we gained about 64% of total Netspace. Considering that we are at freakin 5545PB already, this is HUGE!


this chart is discontinued!






11.5.21 bottom 567$ - top 1607$

16.5.21 bottom 955$ - top 1646$

Well it is much more stable than it was last week, but we still need some time to get a straight curve here!

As always big shoutout to for giving us all those nice data to talk about!

Have a good time and see you next week!

Also we have 2 new CHIA Faucets where you can get some XCH for free, to start pooling!

Go and check out my article about that!

PS: If there are any Stats you would like to see I don't track yet or you think there is anything I could do better, please let me know in the commencts

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Weekly CHIA Update
Weekly CHIA Update

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