Weekly CHIA Update #5

By k1ll1van1ll1 | Weekly CHIA Update | 11 May 2021

Allright.. what a week!

So this week transactions with CHIA went online and for me it was a big success! I can't believe 1 XCH is still worth about 1000$, I thought we will be in a 20$ region! 

I remember getting some downvotes and bad words when I posted this here


And it happened exactly what I said. When transactions went online Chia was traded for about 1500$ and soon dropped down to 3 digits, after there have been some bigger sales. This doesn't bother me at all, because I knew this was going to happen. 

So there was a big Zoom Meeting when transactions went live and for the first time I decided to watch it. There are 2 major points for me I would like to sort out.

1. Bram Cohen said that you are a smaller farmer if you have at least 1 / 10 000 of the Netspace, which with current Netspace would be about 340TB. This is quite a lot for a small farmer. Now you have to understand, Bram is a technological genius (At least he was, but I am pretty sure he still is) but his social skills are... not the best. So don't get to picky with this, this is Bram! 

2. Pooling will be available at May 17th! Now something that makes me sad.

If you want to use Pools, you need to replot! So we have basically 3 kind of people within Chia.

Whales - they don't care about pooling because they have enough netspace. Fish - everything lets say between 10TB and 100TB, we need pools, but replotting will take a very long time AND is not economy friendly at all! We need lots of CPU power and we wear off our SSD. Shrimps - they only use their free HDD space and don't mind to do new plots for pooling.

So again, this shows us that it was a very bad idea to start the Mainnet without pooling, but it is what it is.

Also I had some big issues with the Windows GUI again, couldn't get my Node connected for hours! But just yesterday a new Fix came out, Chia 1.1.5, and it really looks like they finally fixed the awful Node connections! For me the GUI is still in an early BETA stage and I think you should communicate this, but its good to see they finally start fixing it!

Before we start of into our Chia week I would like to show you one more thing! The first ever project on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain gets released soon and they currently give away 10 Tokens to everyone who signs up! Check my last article for more information or simply go on and sign up to it!


Data currently not available!






2.5.21 = 35164 blocks = 70.328 = 16 %

11.5.21 = 49673 blocks = 99.346 = 18,8 %

So Hpool gained about 2,8% this week, which is still quite a lot but overall growth ain't as bad as it used to be.






2.5.21 = 674.02PB / 1583.68PB Total = 42% total Netspace

11.5.21 = 1353,89PB / 3385.84PB Ttal = 39,97% total Netspace

FINALLY! Downward trend with Hpool. Yes it is only about 2% but this is the first time in a while that Hpool lost overall Netspace! WIN WIN WIN!

PS: What I do here is, I believe the values Hpool shows on their Homepage. Still could be faked by Hpool though!






Not much to say here, still lots of room for improvement but ain't looking to bad!






2.5.21 = up to 1594PB = + 64%

11.5.21 = up to 3386PB = + 112%

Netspace growth is still super crazy! More than doubled in 1 week.






2.5.21 = 13960 unique / 219.900 blocks

11.5.21 = 88822 unique / 263.805 blocks

Still wasn't able to figure out how to properly calculate this, so I just leave this numbers here. If anyone can help me with that, please hit me up!




So pricing for 1 XCH went from up to 1607$ to 567€! Lets hope this curve flattens down next week.

As always big shoutout to www.chiaexplorer.com for giving us all those nice data to talk about!

Have a good time and see you next week!

PS: If you missed out on CHIA and don't want to miss the next BIG project, go check out REVUTO! First ever Project on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, realising soon! Get 10 Tokens for FREE if you sign up here! *

*The goal of their project is to create an APP where you can manage all your subscriptions! No more automatic renewal because you forget about it, everything managed in 1 single application! Of course this is no trap! Just get your 10 free token without falling for any subscription or other scam!


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Weekly CHIA Update
Weekly CHIA Update

Once every week we take a closer look at the data provided by www.chiaexplorer.com to see where this project is going.

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