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Weekly CHIA Update #4

By k1ll1van1ll1 | Weekly CHIA Update | 2 May 2021

Allright, allright. Tomorrow transactions within the Chia blockchain will be activated and I guess we are all very excited. Besides the curiousity on which Exchanges Chia will be listed and tradable, my main question still is

  • Will the prefarm be used to supply Exchanges?

For my understanding, the prefarm will not be used for any supply so every XCH available tomorrow will be because a farmer decides to sell it. If I am correct, I am pretty sure the Chia devs reached out to some of the top farmers and asked them if they are willing to provide some of their XCH. This is definitly the thing I am most excited to find out about. I think it would be a good thing for any of us if the prefarm keeps locked.

So that beeing said, lets take a look at the previous week and start with my most appreciated Chia community member, Hadamcik. He is always critical with my reports, but still he is fair and always gives me a scource if we don't agree on something. I always post a Link to this on the Chia Reddit and usually I get downvoted a lot, because (at least this is what I think) the Chia community can't handle sceptical views. I am neither bullish or bearish, just realistic and don't fall for any hypes or something. So he told me this:


I have no doubt he isn't telling the truth, so I just believe everything he says. I can't confirm or deny what he says about Hpool, I just don't know it. So we keep this information in our mind. I am pretty sure Hpool will be no big thing anymore when Pools are supporte by Chia itself, but till we reach this point, Hpool will remain a bad thing for me and I still think the Chia devs could have handled this better before, but it is what it is.

As I already mentioned in my last article, Full Nodes looked sketchy to me and I didn't really believe the stats about it. As it is broken again now, we will just call it a unreliable source. I don't mean this any bad, Chiaexplorer is doing the best they can to give us stats, but I think they should sort this issues out before they show a Full Node count again.

Talking about unreliable scources, I need to mention Chiadecentrals Twitter account. As most of you know I am not a big fan of them, but I really think they should lay low a bit. They already had a tweet showing a totally outdated and wrong Bitcoin Node count claiming that Chia already outplayed the Bitcoin nodes. Couple days ago they tweeted again, now with a realiable Bitcoin Node count, but as we know the Chia Node count isn't reliable this is nothing else than propaganda and nobody needs that. đź‘Ž


Chia is a great project with lots of potential, we don't need stuff like this!

Kind of the same thing happened to Chiaexplorer, which is kind of sad because I have nothing but love for these guys. I really appreciate their effort to bring us a place where we can check every stats going on with Chia, but I think this is what you call a "owner".


As we just look today, Hpool still keeps gaining Netspace, beeing very close to 31% based on that calculation. 


So this should be it with the last week and we can move on to some stats. But there is one more thing I have to say.

People have been reporting that HDDs are getting sold out and more expensive in some countrys. I could not confirm this for Germany at all. But now I can confirm, HDDs are getting a little bit more expensive. A WD 12TB external HDD was always between 180€ and 220€ on Amazon. Somedays it was cheaper, the other day a bit more expensive. But trend shows that price increased to about 240€ now through the last couple of days. So yes, I would confirm that pricing increased in Germany.






As said before, this counter is broken. So I will just leave it here for future references.






27.4.21 = 27109 blocks = 54.218 = 14 %

2.5.21 = 35164 blocks = 70.328 = 16 %

So our friends from Hpool gained 2% this week and do now own a total of 16% of all Chia farmed, not including prefarm. Last week it increased by 4%, this week only by 2%. It see this as a win!






27.4.21 = 322.04PB / 891.25PB Total = 36.1% total Netspace

2.5.21 = 674.02PB / 1583.68PB Total = 42% total Netspace

This is not good at all! 42% is way way to much Netspace for one single company. This really is a nightmare.

PS: What I do here is, I believe the values Hpool shows on their Homepage. You could now go on and say, but Chiaexplorer only gives them a Netspace of ~31%, calculated by the earned XCH their pool gets. Well yes, this is correct, but how can we know they don't have more than 1 pool? We can't. So I just stick with the values given by them. Still could be faked by Hpool though!






Looks good!





27.4.21 = up to 972PB = + 149%

2.5.21 = up to 1594PB = + 64%

Slowed down a little bit compared to the week before, but still insanse how fast it grows!






27.4.21 = 9723 unique / 193.645 blocks

2.5.21 = 13960 unique / 219.900 blocks

Still wasn't able to figure out how to properly calculate this, so I just leave this numbers here.

See you all next week and good luck trading!






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Weekly CHIA Update
Weekly CHIA Update

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