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Have we all forgotten THUNDER TOKEN

By Agathore123 | Weed news | 27 Jan 2021

Hi all. Sending my love to the community as always!! I was searching through my old earning oppertunities and want to bring thundercore mining out of the shadows.

Fairly recently they added an update too their DEX and have added the following exchange and swappable tokens.


Tokensthey are a free mining platform that offers staking pools and many dapps. I have had difficulty finding the details on the unlocking dates on the staking and have yet to add to the locked balance I deposited originally but am still gaining dividends 8 months later so big thumbs up.

They also offer further token reward oppertunities in daily tasks such as connecting to social media or spending tokens in the platforms games too.


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Love to swap and share free crypto oppertunities and PayPal earning with all. Share and gain for all

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Weed news

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