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By Hare Peri | Webtalk with Mr Peri | 16 May 2020

The Future of Networking is Here! 

Create your universal & professional all-in-one profile today.


I am super excited to share this massive opportunity that is changing lives. Are you ready to become one of the first 1 million success stories from webtalk? 

During the covid-19 pandemic the world has experienced a big dent in the economy which has 

left millions of employees jobless. 

We want to be part of the solution to help millions of people to generate a monthly income from home. 

Webtalk is in beta test and will be going live soon, ios & android app will also launch soon followed by media coverage. 

RJ Garbowicz is keeping everyone updated with the latest news about webtalk. 5f3e78cb1acb093866e265b2ebb55e12a24cb61900963f5124f9d83fdbee33bd.jpeg

Everything you need to know about webtalk is here.

U.S patent pending technology

Follow me on webtalk

Webtalk i.d 6537150

See you there 👍😀

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Hare Peri
Hare Peri

Hi everyone, My name is Hare im from Auckland, New Zealand i am 33 years old, i have 3 beautiful children and a hard working, loving and supportive fiance. Im a full time affiliate marketer, YouTuber, new blogger, crypto junkie and online retailer.

Webtalk with Mr Peri
Webtalk with Mr Peri

What is Webtalk? Webtalk is next-generation social media platform, founded by CEO RJ Garbowicz and other successful entrepreneurs. Webtalk is the future of networking and communication. How to use webtalk? Webtalk is used like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram post and share content, engage and connect with personal and professional contacts. The difference is webtalk is much better and they also pay you to use the platform. Webtalk is free for everyone. Invites only. Webtalk i.d 6537150

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