Best Relationship Management Tool Ever...

By HR Theo Moss | Webkalk | 30 Jan 2019

More than 500 MILLION people worldwide work in businesses with less than 20 employees...


These are freelancers, affiliates, direct sales representatives, e-commerce sellers, and so on... Running a Small business is hard, and the hardest part is managing relationships and getting referrals... Webtalk is here to help you do just that... Webtalk was built to manage your Business and Personal Relationships easier... Our patent pending SocialCRM contact management technology and Newsfeed will help you immensely... Join us at


Sign up is Free...… There is no cost to join...

Check it out for yourself...

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Webtalk gives you all the tools you need to successfully manage your current and prospective relationships... It can be a life changing opportunity for all who participate... Be sure to Join us on Webtalk at


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HR Theo Moss
HR Theo Moss

Experienced CEO with demonstrated history in Aviation and Financial Services. Crypto Currency Expert and Professional Crypto Trader. Skilled in Business Planning, Investor Relations, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Equity Trading...


The smartest new way to manage your online Social Media relationships... While making some money through Profit Sharing at the same time... A fantastic way to generate residual income for life... Do join us…

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