Sirwin Review - Is WorldStocks a Recommended Crypto Broker?

By Webimpactor | webimpactorcrypto | 16 May 2020

WorldStocks Review

When you start your search for the perfect online broker, you have to do a lot of investigation, inspection, and scrutiny. However, you can never reach a conclusion unless you have compared the best online brokers and find out their differences. Now, if you are considering signing up with WorldStocks, which is a very famous broker these days, you should compare it with other brokers. Doing so will give you a clear idea of how good or bad this broker is and if there is anything unique about it. So, let’s dive into this WorldStocks review right now and find out how good this broker is.

WorldStocks Features Compared to Its Competitors

·         Safety Features

The first thing you have to consider when signing up with online brokers is your safety. You have to make sure you are signing up with the right broker who will protect your information and money. When it comes to protecting your information, WorldStocks does a great job by providing you with proper encryption of data. It takes a win in the security of money as well because all the money that you deposit in your account will go into segregated accounts. In these two departments, you can say that WorldStocks is nothing less than any of its competitors.

However, there is something that this broker can improve. Yes, it is a registered business and you can see its license information on the website. However, there is no talk of regulation on the website. If the broker is regulated, it should mention regulation. If it is not regulated, it needs to step up its game and compete with its competitors by being safer. Not to mention, regulation is the first thing that traders have to consider before signing up with any online broker.

·         Trading Platform Features

This is one particular area where you can say that WorldStocks’ competitors will have a hard time beating it. WorldStocks has done a great job to make available to its traders the best trading platform in the world. Yes, you will be getting access to MetaTrader 4 and using it for your daily trading activities. All the real-time data from the markets, signals, and charts that you need to monitor for trading are there on your trading platform. MetaTrader 4 is also the easiest and fastest trading platform that you can join as a trader. However, WorldStocks has taken things to the next level.

First of all, you can download this trading platform on your personal computer. Is that something special? Not at all! What’s special is that you can use it on your Mac machines as well. If you are someone who travels a lot but does not want to miss any chance of trading at the right time, you should go with the smartphone application. Again, you will be happy that the broker has made its trading platform available on Android and Apple devices both. Last but not least, you have the web terminal as well.

This terminal can be accessed from any operating system and device without any problems. It runs on the web like a website and can be used with convenience by any trader in any part of the world holding any device of any size.

·         Asset Features

A lot of online brokers have a lot of assets available for their traders. However, when you look at their assets, you will realize that they have not paced with time. They are still offering the same assets that they were many years ago. You can trade forex currency pairs, stocks, and commodities with just about any online broker today. There is nothing special about it. In fact, WorldStocks gives this type of trading a different touch by offering you CFD and ETF trading both. However, the broker has shown that it is keeping pace with time and the changing requirements of the traders.

You will notice that you can trade cryptocurrencies with WorldStocks. That’s something you do not find with every broker. You can trade cryptocurrencies and make money off them by signing up with WorldStocks. You will get leverages even on cryptocurrency trading, something that many online brokers are still scared of doing.

·         Account Features

WorldStocks must have accepted the service of some trained and experienced trading professionals in creating the account types. First, you have five different accounts from which you can choose the one that suits you the best. More importantly, each account has its perks and there is always a reason for you to upgrade from one account to another because of the difference in their features. However, you have to admire that WorldStocks has fully taken care of new traders while creating these account types. If you are a new trader, you will be glad that the broker has an account called “Essentials” that you can join by depositing only $250 in your account.

You have leverages of 1:50 available on this account. If you want more leverage, you can go with the Micro and Standard account. With these accounts, you will be getting 1:75 and 1:100 leverage respectively. Spreads are pretty tight regardless of the account type you pick. When you go with the advanced accounts, you can take advantage of trading signals as well.

Withdrawing and depositing money is not a problem when you sign up with WorldStocks. You can deposit money through credit cards or use bank wire transfer for a safer transaction. What you are going to love here is that you will not have to pay any fees or commission to the broker on your transactions in either case.

Final Thoughts

You can say that this broker has put in some efforts to offer a unique trading experience to its traders from around the world. In many cases, it has succeeded by providing some enhanced security, lots of trading instruments, and a variety of options for using the trading platform. If the broker could add regulation to its arsenal of safe features, there is no reason why it cannot be the number one online broker for providing CFD trading.

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