Power of a testifying comment to post or advert

By 404 | Web Biz | 22 Nov 2020

Was extremely bored by all the promises and build up at the beginning and just skipped to the comments, but the comments are positive, so I suppose I should start reading the actual content now.

Do you have a business that you promote online via social media?

Your article must have gotten a comment like the one above.

You see that comment above, it's from a client who saw my ad, due to the introductory part he got tired of promises and many other things which I have wanted them to know before clicking on my ad, that is to say, I want to whet their appetite so they won't have any fear while making payment.

But, on the process, something turns out to be the opposite of what is expected.

But before then I have already gotten a stronger hold, other comments have spoken for me.

Now if you are a businessman, check that comment very well, things that you should know include but not limited to the following:

  1. Some adverts don't need lengthy talk, especially if you are promoting for the first time. That is to say, if your audience are not the old audience who have become acquainted with your brand.
  2. You should know that there are diverse kind of people who won't even have time for all your promises but rather want you and to summarize and tell them what next to do.
  3. You should always ensure that your business offers what it promises this will always bring you good testimony and reoccurring purchase.
  4. Do not underestimate the Power of testifiers

With this enjoy your business and keep adding values to people's life.

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