Will Shiba Inu be the next millionaire maker?

Will Shiba Inu be the next millionaire maker?

By steverobert | wealth concepts | 12 Oct 2021

Shiba Inu

Starting on Oct 7th I started seeing posts on Shiba Inu beginning to make an in road to be listed on Robinhood. The price doubled but when its only $0.00002872 how much is really doubling worth.

Could this be the next millionaire maker in crypto. Will the robinhooders find the low price appealing or do they want a small piece of bitcoin at $56K. With limited bitcoins the price can increase and has. With one quadrillion shiba inu how many must be bought for the price to be a $0.01. One quadrillion penny place it at one of the highest values cryptocurrencies. With 50% locked in Uniswap there are a lot of tokens waiting to be flooded out on the market.

Will it make the .25 of Dodgecoin which it was designed to copy.

The other components Leash and Bone have limited quantities but are not yet listed on CoinBase only the Shiba proprietary DEX.

So how many Shiba Inu will you need to be a millionaire when or if it hits robinhood? Will the locked tokens be released for profit or will they stay locked for the future of the coin and wealth for all of us?

So I bought my $50 for my shiba inu and now will wait to see if Robinhood jumps on and floods the token with investors and exposure that its not getting on Coinbase or its own Dex. I can only wait and see and hope to be rich on my crypto gamble.


My other crypto investments are mainly in Tezos which bounces up and down and earns me about 4.5% interest while it does so. So I buy low sell high 6-8.5 seems to be a good range

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