faucets : Are they worth it, one may take 5 years to meet minimum.

By steverobert | wealth concepts | 13 Mar 2023

So will I ever collect from some faucets. i

is a free Shiba Inu site I have been on for over 3 years.

Can I collect from them?

I do not pull it up every day as I probably should but is it worth is to do it?

The minimum withdrawal is 250,000.00 shib

The payout that is most common is 28.571429 shib

There is an hour wait between collecting. If I collect 5 times a day on average I would have 1825 collections in a year.

So, let’s do the math

250,000 withdrawals minimum, 28.571429 collection and 1825 collection in a year.

It would take 4.794521 years to get to an amount that could be withdrawn.

So, I click for almost 5 years to be able to collect.

How many will give up long before that?

I know that the referral link will help so if I convince friends to click for 5 years, I may shorten my time.

So, for $2.75 at the current price of Shib $0.000011 I wasted 5 years and the host of the site collects payments for the ads I view for 5 years and I’m betting most people quit long before they collect.

So I think I’ll stop wasting my time on this Shib site and pay more attention to a site that I collected on the 1st month I was on it, and each hour get to collect 4 tokens from a large list

I do Bitcoin, shib, dodge and Tezos

I’ve only withdraw Tezos, to do so the minimum is 0.661084 XTZ to withdraw. An amount I can get in a month, you can swap between the 4 tokens you choose so you can load up on to withdrawal very easily.

As far as Shib goes each collection is 72 shib 3x that of the Shib faucet above.

So if you are going to choose one please use my link

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