Upcoming games that can earn you crypto.

Upcoming games that can earn you crypto.

By WeakBot | Weakbot Blockchain Gaming | 30 Jul 2021

Here we are again with yet another post about blockchain games that can earn you crypto. If you haven’t started playing one, it is the perfect time to have a look at them. Their tokens and earning capabilities are through the roof these months. I will be posting my earnings update for month 2 in a couple of days. It seems to be a few times bigger than my first one.

The games this time are ones that are not out yet but the time to act is now because they are doing huge giveaways and airdrops to early adopters. They can be worth a lot more when the games are released.


Illuvium – (FREE)

It will be an open-world RPG adventure game in which you can explore and catch Illuvials (monsters). The battles will be similar to Teamfight tactics and the graphics are just insane. It is said to be the first AAA blockchain game with play-to-earn capabilities and the team working behind it is all professionals who have worked on many AAA games for years. The game can be started for free but will probably be a grind at the beginning. From what the devs said in one interview, you can start with free with Tier 0 Illuvials and get strong enough to capture your own Tier 1 Illuvials which are actual NFTs that can be traded or sold. There are giveaways almost all the time so make sure to join early and be an early adopter. You will be able to earn their token ILV by playing through daily quests in PvE, competitions, tournaments and more. The game will be released by the end of the year but, unfortunately, won’t be available for mobile.



Guild of Guardians – (FREE)

The first mobile RPG game with play-to-earn capabilities to be released. It will be a strongly guild-based multiplayer game as the name suggests and you won’t be able to earn without a guild so the first thing you need is a guild. Unfortunately, all the guilds have been sold out, even the ones costing $100,000. The good thing is that there are still many free spots in most of the guilds so if you can find someone to reserve you a spot in a guild you will be able to play without buying one. There are also hero giveaways now and then. The game looks really promising so far and will be released in early 2022



Astral Entities – (FREE)

I have mentioned this before but this is one of the promising projects right now that is giving away a ton of NFTs. It will be a balanced system of games that will share the NFTs. That means that one NFT can be used in all their games. The first one to be released will be called Taergyn and will be a trading cards game (TCG)in which you can earn on a regular basis by playing. Afterward, they will start working on an RPG, Tower Defense and more. I managed to get about $350 worth of NFTs and packs just by being active in the community. It is set to be released by the end of the year and will be a PC game run in the browser.



Ember Sword – (FREE)

Another really cool-looking game that will be released as a closed alpha this year and an open one next year. It is an MMORPG with both PVP and PVE earning capabilities and the thing that grabs my attention the most is that they are really against pay-to-win. The game will be highly competitive and entirely skill-based. It Will be released just for PC at first but they promise that they will work to make a cross-platform mobile version in the future.



Faraland – ($)

Multiplayer RPG game where you can own thousands of unique characters for one big war game with amazing visuals. The battles will be turn-based and there will be massive battles between guilds and nations. As far as I am aware there isn’t a free option to join the game but correct me if I am wrong. Set to be released in December or early next year.



Synergy of Serra – (FREE)

Another TCG game with insanely good-looking art. The team promises a hardcore skill-to-win game with infinite game experience with constantly evolving strategy and changes every turn through deckbuilding mechanics. In other words, it won’t be boring at all. There is no entry barrier so all you earn from victories is all profit. Open beta is to be announced soon. My estimate is mid-2022. No insight on the platform but most probably PC for now and maybe mobile.



Plants vs. Undead – (FREE)

Multiplayer tower defense game similar to Plants vs. Zombies as the name suggests. You can start for free with 6 basic plants that are not NFTs but then you can grow your real NFT plants over time or just buy them if you want to make an investment. There is a test version open but there are no rewards yet. It is set to be released by the end of the year and the main focus for platform is mobile.



Crypto prophecies – ($)

Price prediction PVP game with turn-based combat system with spells and one prophet is required to start. Global launch is in a few months and they are giving $5 in their token to everyone who signs with a ref now.



Mirandus – (FREE/$)

One of the most anticipated games by Gala Games in which everything is owned by the players only, armor shops, taverns, etc. and you can earn money by providing to others and many other ways. It is a fantasy RPG and will be released for PC by the end of the year supposedly. You can start for free but it will be a real grind to even get a weapon to start slaying the weakest monsters.



Mist – (FREE)

Open world fast-paced ARPG game with huge maps for exploration. Free to play but to enter the closed demo you need to hold some of their tokens.


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