Why the word "HODL" in crypto space? See why.

By Echezona | We learn | 7 Jan 2023

why use the word "HODL" in crypto space? This is a question asked me by a friend,We some times comes across some unknown words in crypto space, but unfortunately we try to ignore them, pretending it to be normal with these new market, without hesitation let see why use these erroneous english in crypto? HODL (hold) in crypto refers to buying and holding a particular coin for there life, so they investor can make gains as the coins price appreciates, this is one of the most used strategy in crypto market due to its simplicity,  and its also a good strategy for new investors to make good gains. But now how comes these word? These word "HODL" occurred in a post by a user "Gamekyuubi" in a bitcoin talk .org online forum, as the user is trying to encourage another user to buy and hold bitcoin not withstanding the dip  (depreciation) in the market,

from the time till date people still use these word "HODL". Thanks for reading

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