Become the next crypto millionaire with these strategies

By Echezona | We learn | 12 Jan 2023


  • Crypto currency market is still a very new market with great potentials, and also offer a freedom form of investment to her investors, but these same crypto can become a path to financial penury if not well understood. Many new investors joins crypto space due to story they heard on how crypto currency is making people overnight millionaires, it can be true but rare, that why some of these new investors go in to invest with there high emotions which leads them to loose a lot of money in the market, that just gambling for them, which is bad path to follow. They question now is how do we become rich in these market? Note, the main secret to getting rich with cryptocurrency is having your strategy and sticking with it, now below are the strategy that will help you become the next crypto millionaire .
  • use dollar cost averaging when purchasing: dollar cost averaging refers to buying your asset in a different specific set of time notwithstanding the market conditions, for example: John have $1000 to buy bitcoin instead of buying $1000 worth of bitcoin at once he decided to be buying $20.83 fraction of it every week for one year.
  • Allways have dollar in your wallet (stable coins): in some occasion you may get an opportunity to buy a good new cheap coin in the market which can make you a quick bulk of gain, that opportunity may pass if you don't have any spare dollar.
  • Set your selling price: crypto market is not a stable market which makes it unpredictable, so setting your target price will help you know exactly what you are planning to achieve as you will never sell till your target is meet, and also remember not to be greedy while doing these.
  • Deversify your portfolio: Always remember not to put all your egg in one basket try to get a good suitable portfolio and make sure not to park a bag of shitcoins, make a good reaserch and build your portfolio.   
  • Never follow the media: Media can be the worst place to get your investment knowledge, they are just using hype to make people buy the coin they are holding, remember, never invest with emotion. Thanks for reading

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