Have You Heard of Smoke.io?

Have You Heard of Smoke.io?

By Otom | Wazzup! | 2 Apr 2019



What really is a smoke.io?

A sort of a decentralized cannabis network built in a graphene platform just like steemit.

Smoke.io focuses it's thing in educating people across the globe with the importance of medicinal cannabis not just the recreational ones.

The first blockchain built for the next generation of Cannabis services.

Smoke is based on the profound potential of blockchain technology to transform the way we interact online. The Smoke blockchain allows for those that add value to earn real world rewards for their contribution to the network, developers easy tools to build applications, and businesses easy access to a censorship-resistant, imutable database.



As we can see in the platform most users are growers shared their basic knowledge in medicinal cannabis.

And currently smoke  coin is trading at

[RUDEX] https://market.rudex.org/#/market/RUDEX.SMOKE_BTS and


Currently smoke.io is running an AIRDROP at [GLEAM.IO]https://wn.nr/gUWSVE)

where 10 runners up will get 420 smoke coin by following some simple task.

And the winner will get a glass pipe and 4200 smoke coins.

So, tokers and non-cannabis users, Why not give a shot on smoke coin?

Follow me @dargonx0x at smoke.io.

See ya!




I'm just that boy next door😁


Hello everyone, This is me Otom, weeks ago PublishOx approved my author request and I am grateful for the immediate response, but can't find the right timing to do so. Soon I'll be posting crypto and a lot of stuff under the sun. See yah soon😊

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