Faucetpay micro wallet

Faucetpay micro wallet


I use FaucetPay to HODL all my small crypto gains that I get from other faucets and platforms. Faucetpay is a micro wallet that accepts micro payments.


You can earn multiple crypto like:

- Bitcoin (BTC)
- Ethereum (ETH)
- Dogecoin (DOGE)
- Litecoin (LTC)
- Tether TRC20 (USDT)
- Feyorra (FEY)
- Zcash (ZEC)
- Binance BEP20 (BNB)
- Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
- Dash (DASH)
- Digibyte (DGB)
- Tron (TRX)
- Solana (SOL)

Ways to earn crypto for FaucetPay are from other faucets, for example: I can claim every 5 min from A-Crypto faucet and I gather my claims automatically in FaucetPay 😊


Paid To Click (PTC)

If you go to the menu tab on top left of screen, ( the 3 stripes) it will open a drop down menu. Here you click on Paid to Click adds and it will show you the adds available you can watch to claim bitcoin Satoshi.

Under the same drop down menu you will find Surveys and Offers you can complete for more rewards. Staking of the Feyorra token can also be done from here.

Another feature on FaucetPay is the casino Games like Dice, Crashes, Limbo, Roulette and Plinko. It is found under the drop down menu and then you click on Multiply BTC.

You can swap your coins and do leverage trading as well on FaucetPay. Spot trading will be happening soon.

An affiliate program is available and you can advertise on FaucetPay to.

You need to link your deposit addresses:
Go to User Dashboard and then you click on the LINKED ADDRESSES tab.
You will see 3 fields ‘Address’, ‘Name (Label)’ and ‘Coin’. If you want to link for example Bitcoin (BTC ) you need an external wallet deposit address to be copied and pasted into the Address field. ( By an external wallet BTC address I mean from another platform like Kucoin as an example.)


In the 'Name (Label)' you can write Kucoin or other text which will help you remember to what wallet your BTC withdrawal will be heading from FaucetPay. In the last field ‘Coin’ you pick Bitcoin (BTC ) and then you can press the green button 'Link'. Now you have connected your FaucetPay wallet with your external wallet

When you need to make a withdraw you have to go to the User Dashboard and click on the 'withdraw' tab
You can choose between ‘Normal Withdrawal (4 Hours)’ and ‘Priority Withdrawal (5 Minutes)’. The Priority wihtdrawal will have higher fees. You can follow the easy steps to make withdrawals.

I have had no problems with FaucetPay to date and for me every Satoshi counts 😊

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and remember that this is not financial advice and I advise you to do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any project, platform or product!



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Ways I earn some crypto currencies
Ways I earn some crypto currencies

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