Python Hello world!!

Python Hello world!!

By Amit Kumar1 | WayOfCoding | 19 Jul 2021

Hey There!

This post will cover how to code in python using python shell or by creating a .py file i.e to write a basic program.
let's get to it then!

Once python is installed in your system, you can open a command window and type `python` to open the python shell.


What is a Python shell?

Python shell is nothing but an interpreter which executes instructions one by one (line by line).

In the above example:

The triple arrow you see is where you will write your code `>>>`.

Example code:python hello world

In the above screenshot you can see that I executed 3 statements:
1. `1+2` which returned the sum of 1 and 2 i.e 3. (arithmetic operation)
2. `print('Hello World')` which prints "Hello World in the console." (function call)
3. `quit()` you can see that when I type quit() >>> disappears that means you exited the python shell.

Next, let's see how to write a python program and execute it.

First, let's understand the code we are going to write.
We will create a program that will take input from the user and greet them.

  • Create a file in a folder and write the below code.
#here we are asking the user to input the there name.
name=input("Enter your Name: ")
# next code print's a greeting line.
  • Save the file with extension `.py` in a directory.
  • There are two ways of running the code.
    • open cmd and traverse to the folder where `` program is saved. (>>>python
    • open cmd anywhere and pass the .py file name with full path. (>>>python D:\



In the above output, we can see that we provided Amit as user input to the program and the program gave the output as "Welcome Amit",

  • input() method is used to take user input.
  • The same is stored in the name variable.
  • print() method is used for printing the value.


Congratulation! you have written your first Python code!



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Amit Kumar1

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