Beginner's Guide NovaRally

Beginner's Guide NovaRally


so this a beginner's guide for everyone who didn't play NovaRally so far.

And a strategy part in the end for everyone who already plays it.

NovaRally is a Blockchaingame on WAX where you own different drivers and cars.

Your goal is to upgrade your drivers and cars to higher league so you win shards.

Shards are packs from which you can generate new drivers and cars. 

The link to the game is

To play you either need an anchor wallet, or a wax cloud wallet.


If you ask yourself why "Discord" is written wrong on the front page, it's an inside joke.


So, for each race you need to select 2 different drivers and a car.



If you don't have a car or drivers, here is how you can buy them. Link


Right now the cheapest two drivers and one car will cost you 30 Wax or 7 $ to start racing.


So let's talk now strategy of how to optimize your racing experience.

First of all, you want to race as much as possible, but that is going to cost you.

One race in the rookie league will cost you 10.000 Snakoil for each race.

But that counts only for the first 10 races, afterwards each race cost will increase by 20 %


The sweet spot to stop racing each day is problably around 17-18 races, depending on how much snakoil you produce.


So, how do you generate Snakoil?

You generate Snakoil by holding drivers and cars in your wallet.

Now, let me show you the best site you need for playing NovaRally as well.


If you want to do 10 races a day, you need to generate 100.000 Snakoil a day.

If you want to do like 18 races, you need 300.000 Snakoil a day.

Each day on 00.00 UTC the racing cost will be resetted to the basic cost.


Your goals in the game should be to win races and upgrade to a higher league.

If you want to see the best racing combinations that have been found out so far, you can use this link.

This is how a win looks like and trust me, it feels good


So, if you are already full with information, you can stop reading now and have fun racing.

Now, let's talk more expert strategies for going on forward.


Your main strategy in NovaRally should be to upgrade to higher leagues.

In order to rise from rookie to intermediate league, you need one driver with 10 wins and two of the same driver with 0 wins.


If you promote a character from rookie to intermediate league, he will stop earning Snakoil and earn Snakgas instead.

For driving in intermediate league racing costs for the first 10 races change (afterwards every race costs 20% more like in rookie league)

Take a look into the whitepaper for it


So, for racing 10 races in intermediate league, you need 25.000 Snakoil and 50.000 Snake Gas.

But the main difference is, if you win, you get two shards, instead of one.

With 5 shards you can make a new driver or car here.



Here is a screenshot from the whitepaper where you can see what kind of shards you can expect from wins in different leagues.



If you already think, intermediate league is sexy, you should sit down on a chair right, 

because league 3 (veteran league) will blow your mind.



5 shards per win in veterans league!

So, in order to promote a car or driver to veterans league, you basically need 9 of the same kind in the beginning on rookie's league.


Let's take a look again into the best site ever

Here you can type in your wallet and it will show you how much of each driver you own.



In order to get a car or driver to veteran's league you need an intermediate car/driver with 15 wins and two more of the same kind with zero wins.


So, if your goal is to make 10-15 races a day in veteran's league, 10-15 races day in intermediate league and 10-15 races in rookie league, with how much snakoil should you start?

You would need 50k SnakPower (veteran), 75k SnakGas, 135k SnakOil for the races.

Which would be a starting set that generates around 700k SnakOil. 

So, when you start the game and want to go full power, you should buy a collection that generates around 700.000 SnakOil in the beginning.

So, that when you have fully upgraded, you can race 10 times a day in each league.

And don't worry, you can bulk race 10 races in like 5 minutes, so you don't have to spend more than 15-30 minutes each day to play the game.

And if you want to be a true nerd, you can look up best racing combos here



There is even more to the game, like mechanic Mastermind, Racetracks and the DeathRally, but if you have made it this far in article, there are two things you should do right now:

1. Give yourself a clap on the shoulder, hey it's 2021 and you just read a long article!

2. Good luck on the racetrack and please, don't beat me! I need the shards.





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Until next time, bye ya



And if you want to talk more about the game, you should join the official "Discrod" Channel

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