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By Ciceron | WAX Projects Rewiew | 7 May 2022 - this is the virtual world of business. Here you will be able to create your own company, hire staff members and give them tasks, performing which you will earn tokens.

Today we will look at the prospects of entering the game, earning opportunities and explore the functionality of the project.

How to start?

To start the game, we need to hire employees, that is, purchase their NFT on the platform Atomic Hub.

The staff is divided into categories of rarity, the higher the rarity, the faster the tasks will be completed and the volume of awards will also become larger.

Types of rarity:

  • Intern
  • Junior
  • Older
  • Leader
  • Business Manager
  • Boss

I bought myself an NFT intern, his name is Albert, he cost me $3.
At the beginning, we have 5 slots available for NFT employees. 6 slot opens for 50 OCOIN, the remaining slots + 50 tokens to the price.


To start earning, we have to send our employees on assignments. There are many tasks with different amounts of rewards, their number depends on the rarity of the character.


When we complete the task, we will receive a reward in the OCOIN token, which we will be able to sell in the exchanger  Alcor.


Project features


The project offers the possibilities of equipping your office, increasing the number and quality of employees and stacking the token in the bank.

Character Improvement

By improving our employees, we will be able to earn more OCOIN and reduce the task completion time.

To improve the maps, we will need game tokens:

  • 400 OCOIN = Junior
  • 1000 OCOIN = Older
  • 2000 OCOIN = Leader
  • 2500 OCOIN = Manager


Coffee shop


The game has buffs that increase the speed of our characters, they are available if there are 10 available slots for employees.
Buffs are presented in the form of cups of coffee. Each coffee has its own effectiveness.


Price - 3 OCOIN
The chance of reducing the time is 1-10%

Price - 8 OCOIN
The chance of reducing the time is 5-10%

Price - 10 OCOIN
The chance of reducing the time is 10-20%

Price - 3 OCOIN
The chance of reducing the time is 15-25%

Price - 15 OCOIN
The chance of reducing the time is 25-35%


Chance of completing the task

Employees can fail the task, each NFT rarity has its own chance of completing the task, depending on the rarity.

Degree of success:

Intern - 50%
Junior - 60%
Senior - 70%
Leader - 85%
Business Manager - 98%
Boss - 100%

When opening two additional slots, the chance of success of employees increases by 1%



The game will implement the possibility of arranging your office to increase employee motivation and increase productivity.

All office supplies can be purchased in the NFT format in the Atomic Hub marketplace.


How much can you earn?

I will calculate earnings in terms of budget entry into the game.

Below is the current OCOIN/WAX rate


My employee can earn $0.20 per day
Therefore, my $3 investment will pay off after 15 days.
In the future, we can hire new employees with the money we earn and increase our profitability.


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