WAVES ENNO WALLET (AirDrop + Early Bird)

WAVES ENNO WALLET (AirDrop + Early Bird)

By Thiago Capuano | Waves Beach | 21 Sep 2021

To bounty hunters, Enno Wallet has an interesting opportunity, with a double advantage, the airdrop for accomplishing tasks by telegram and the early bird of use.

You can start your journey in this airdrop by following the link below:


What is the Enno Wallet?

Enno Wallet is a wallet developed for the Waves ecosystem that makes it simple to interact with Dapps in the Waves blockchain, including deposits and withdrawals from other networks, such as ethereum, bitcoin and others.

The Enno Wallet application besides traditional deposit and withdrawal transfers integrates DeFo for exchanges between Neutrino family stablecoins and their stake, Swop.fi for token exchanges in the liquidity pool and the latest Vires for lending and borrowing liquidity pool.

To get the early-bird just use the wallet in the available dApp applications, and by applying vires finance you also participate in the early-bird of vires finance.

Don't waste time, join us and get to know Enno Wallet, you can only win. Enjoy.

Perform the tasks below to earn up to $5 worth of Enno Cash:

MANDATORY TASKS ($2.5 worth of Enno Cash)

  • Join our Telegram group and channel. (Mandatory: $0.8 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Follow our Twitter, like and retweet the pinned post. (Mandatory: $0.8 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Download Enno Wallet Android or IOS App and create a wallet. (Mandatory: $0.9 worth of Enno Cash)

OPTIONAL TASKS (UP TO $2.5 worth of Enno Cash)

  • Follow our Instagram. (Optional: $0.5 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Follow our Facebook. (Optional: $0.5 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Follow our Medium. (Optional: $0.5 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Subscribe to our YouTube. (Optional: $0.5 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Subscribe to Airdrop Detective YouTube, like and share the Enno Wallet Airdrop video on one of your social media (Optional: $0.25 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Follow Airdrop Detective Twitter and retweet the post about the Enno Wallet Airdrop (Optional: $0.15 worth of Enno Cash)
  • Join Airdrop Detective Telegram. (Optional: $0.1 worth of Enno Cash)


The top 100 referrers will share referrers will share 5000 USDN as follows:

  • 1st place : 200 USDN
  • 2nd place : 180 USDN
  • 3rd place : 160 USDN
  • 4th place : 140 USDN
  • 5th place : 120 USDN
  • 6th to 10th place : 100 USDN each
  • 11th to 20th place : 70 USDN each
  • 21st to 50th place : 50 USDN each
  • 51st to 100th place : 30 USDN each

Veja como é fácil:


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