News, campaign and program on the Waves Exchange
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News, campaign and program on the Waves Exchange

By Thiago Capuano | Waves Beach | 26 Mar 2020

Everyone knows that WavesDex has switched to, have read or heard of Neutrino Dollar, a stablecoin dollar-based token and algorithm with some stake yield benefits, but there are a few more new features that have just arrived.


The coolest thing is that you can now purchase $USDN by credit card directly on, as it has entered into a partnership with Advanced Cash (link click here), thus facilitating the conversion of fiduciary to crypto currency, regarding popularization of people in the crypto universe.

neutrino waves exchange dashboard

To purchase is very easy, you can use an account registered with Advanced Cash (link click here), where you register an account, or use one of the accepted credit cards MIR, VISA or MASTERCARD and acquire the requested amount immediately in one 3-step process, with 0% exchange rate at this point, exactly zero percent.

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To get to this point, developed a special page on the exchange itself for stake and purchase with a credit card so that the user is able to make their acquisition and track their income, in one place without complications, which in the publication were close to 9% in $USDN.


In order to expand the dissemination and promotion of Neutrino Dollar concurrently with the partnership with Advanced Cash, a few days ago launched a combo campaign that works like this:

1. You buy at least 10 $USDN with card & stake on
2. Send your used address to
3. And earn 1 $USDN cashback in a few days.

This combo does not stop there, when running the above process you will still be competing for 100 $USDN every week, the first draw will now be on March 26 !!! Come on, don't just stand there. Take part.


In addition to the novelty and the campaign presented, started the Exchange referral program today, offering an incentive in $USDN for those who help promote the Neutrino Dollar protocol, with 20% fee of referred, and consequently the itself. Isn't that too much?


Learn more about the referral program (link click here)

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