Movie Criticism: A Personal And Honest Opinion

By wrabbiter | watched-this-yet | 23 Nov 2020

The movie industry - a gargantuan, labyrinthine structure of elitist prison, that’s how I define that entertainment sector. Prison? Yes! Because I consider myself a prisoner in this movie-viewing habit that I developed since the breakthrough of the optical storage media, which continued until the prevalence of movie streaming and downloading.

From being a tiny, scrawny kid, to an impulsive teenager, to a full-grown adult, the act of movie-viewing has matured into me as well. Providing me joy and comfort to my otherwise dull, boring, and unmeaningful life.

Aside from being a prison, movie-viewing has instilled into me an ‘elististic’ attitude as well. Why did I become an elitist? Because movie-lovers like me, and you perhaps, have pet films in mind, and while we grow on their habit, they gradually develop the habit as well of lashing out on those movies that they don’t like, which make them lash out as well on those people who dislike those movies that they’re so fond of.

That’s the reality of being an avid movie-goer, especially for those who view themselves as “intellectuals” in that aspect. The sad thing is that there are people on the net, and in some gigantic print publications tasked with a very important role: criticizing movies brutally.

Movies today are so easy to view, consume, and disseminate. Unfortunately, though, such a technological advantage makes it its own culprit. Many thieves are getting fat wallets much to the dismay of the real owners.

As an advocate against piracy, I consider this to be a very severe problem. But not as much of a problem as the attitude of movie critics, who’s existence to me, is becoming an epidemic.

They publish their words on the internet, and in their various articles as if they really know what they’re talking about. Collectively, they are even powerful enough to make or break a movie’s reputation. Some movie reviews were even known to totally influence some movie-goers’ decision on whether or not, go to a theater and watch a trending Hollywood flick.

I’m not speaking about all critics tough. I’m talking about them who are drowned in their self-proclaimed, movie-judging ingenuity. These great men, as what they think of themselves are “know-it-all” type of individuals. They think that their ideas and analysis about how a movie should be made and come out is the only thing that matters.

Instead of judging a movie from a particular perspective, they give out their oftentimes sarcastic viewpoints in the context of their favorite genre and pet-films. For instance, they will judge a comic book movie with Schindler’s List or Casablanca in mind, or vandalize a video game flick with Mama Mia as a point of reference.


Not that these award-winning movies suck. They are amazing pieces of art of course, to their die-hard fans. What I’m trying to point out is this: “A REAL MOVIE CRITIC SHOULD JUDGE A MOVIE IN THE MOVIE’S CONTEXT”, not with a preconceived idea or a favorite film in mind. So they think that a particular superhero movie is a mess?

They should if it’s a musical drama they’re thinking. So a highly successful action film will turn out to be all action but lame dialog? It will end up that way if it’s Forest Gump they’ve just reviewed.

Some time ago, I read a negative review of Christopher Nolan’s Memento. If you haven’t watched that movie, it is presented in reverse chronological order, which makes it truly intriguing, though confusing as well.

Over-all, the movie is a masterpiece, and it is looked upon by many neophytes as well as seasoned directors as an inspiration. But the critic I happen to come across pointed out that if the movie is viewed in the right order, it wouldn’t be interesting to watch at all.

But here’s my counter-attack for that critic, what if we edit his favorite movie (which I highly assume is presented in standard chronology), into reverse order like that in Memento? That movie, whatever it is, would become instantly ugly, I guarantee.

I’m thankful though that a new breed of critics is no longer adhering to such “sucked-upped” movie criticism fad. Some websites today solicit fan opinions about a movie. This is a scheme that I’m so thankful for. Instead of relying on the well-established but sickening, legion of elitist critics, they are publishing a much balanced public opinion.

After all, the majority of the viewing public is “the real critics.” Since they are the ones who catapulted the film to the top of the lists. They deserve that title, don’t they? Or should I say, “don’t we?” It is said that “you can’t argue with success.”

If a movie is mega-successful, then you, ever all-knowing critic should stop babbling about how it should turn out. Don’t get me wrong though, I also have the habit of complaining about the outcome of a much-anticipated film. But if the outcome is proven to be loved by the majority of the audience, (as what is evidenced by ticket sales) then all arguments are finished.

To the most popular and sought-after critics out there, I respect you a lot. I acknowledge that the entire movie industry is indebted to you greatly. But please, if you truly are the great critic that most people admire, try to view a movie on its context, not on your sometimes irrelevant mindset. If you’re a (insert genre) type of film critic, knock yourself out.

Give your expert opinion. But if you’re hopping into the “new generation of critics’ bandwagon” please make extensive research about the ins and outs of a particular movie first. Is it from a graphic novel? Is it from a soap opera? Is it a remake?

If you’ve done extensive research already, then your criticism should be balanced enough and is guaranteed to be just that. Surely, the knowledge that you attained during your research will manifest itself and emanate as sound judgment.

If the movie really is a disappointment, then so be it. I’m sure you will have lots of allies in your “I dislike the movie” campaign, that is, if you know the background and context of the movie well enough.

To the much more balanced, new breed of critics, I salute you. Your kind is the bunch of people the movie industry needs. I really want to join you. But I don’t think I’m qualified enough. I think I can only be, if I’ve done extensive research myself.

My only wish is that in expressing this, I’m not becoming the very monster I’ve sworn to fight against…them, damn movie critics.

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