Wanna bit(e) of my coin?

Wanna bit(e) of my coin?



Hello dear community<3
My name is Creafeather. I came up with it because i am creative and my name is Veronique, my name is shortend by my close friends and call me Veer, that means feather in English so without any further or do i love creating al kind of stuff and today i made some healthy chocolate<3
april last year i started following a program with wonderful low carb meals. This resulted for me that i lost 21 kilo's -> 46 in pounds. It has become a way of living to pay more attention to what i eat, healthy, tasty and rich in nutrition and vitamins.
They have made a receipe for making chocolate, the healthy version. To make it special i ordered bitcoin shapes online, together with a mermaid ofcourse and a moon figure. How cool is it to make bitcoin chocolate yourself?!



How did i make it, i mixed all the ingredients together in a pan on middle high heat. stirred it and let it drip in the shapes i have.



You will need:

- Coconut oil

-Cacao powder

-A dash of seasalt



-Mixed unsalted nuts,(chopped)



Let the coconut oil melt and pour all the other ingredients in the pan with the coconut oil. It actualy is pretty easy. It has to stay in the fridge for at least 1 hour.



Also, good to know is that if you are no fan of pure chocolate, you might think it is too much. It is pretty intense because there is not alot of sugar in it exept for the berries and the honey. You can always adjust the amount ofcourse.


It should look something like this


When it's hardend you can get them out, and taste it.

And here you see again how they turned out! look how cute and awesome! I wonder if it will work on cookies or little pie aswell



So that was it for today, i hope you liked it and sorry if you're about to have a snack attack, well now you know how you can have a slight more healthy one ;)

Don't forget to give this post a heart and i love to hear from you in the comments if you like to try or not, or if you have ideas for me to make next time, what shall i put in the bitcoin shape? 🎂🎲 And if you like this, give me a follow :) 🙌thanks a lot for your support <3 I will see you soon💗


Much love, Creafeather


#bitcoin #blockchain #baking #creating #chocolate #healthyfood



Love to share my art &creativity https://www.instagram.com/creafeather/ https://hyprr.com/profile/creafeather https://www.voice.com/profile/creafeather

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