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Major Upgrade of Wanchain-Based Dark Forest, Exploring Universe Artifact NFTs

By ZooEcosystem | Wanchain | 20 Jan 2021

What is Dark Forest?

Dark Forest was first developed by the team of the Ethereum community and released to the Ethereum blockchain (Original Dark Forest URL: https://zkga.me/). It became more and more popular among Ethereum players. What is more noteworthy is that this game is also loved and appreciated by many influential users such as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Figma CEO Dylan Field, etc.

With the characteristics of open source code, continued popularity, trendy contents, coupled with the high efficiency and low gas fee of the Ethereum dapp to be migrated to Wanchain, Ethereum-based Dark Forest was re-developed and re-deployed on the Wanchain blockchain by Wanchain developers in early December last year. This is the game about universe exploration and interstellar conquest. It is also the first NFT Dapp in the Wanchain ecosystem. Here, we are particularly grateful to the Ethereum-based Dark Forest team for all their efforts on this game, and also thank the developers from Wanchain for introducing such a high-quality Dapp from Ethereum to Wanchain, making great contribution to the prosperity of the Wanchain ecosystem.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a token with uniqueness and inseparability. The well-known CryptoKitty tokens are typical NFTs, and the tokenized collectibles and game props are very suitable for converting themselves to NFTs.

In Dark Forest, artifacts hidden on different planets have different values ​​due to their different types and scarcity. Each planet conquered and developed by players has different coordinates and levels, attributes, so the power of planet is also different with each other. All of these resources constitute the rich NFT assets in the Dark Forest game. In the future, players can even take their planetary assets to the NFT trading market for trading, just like trading game props between players in traditional games.

Wanchain-based Dark Forest: http://darkforest-v5.wandevs.org/

Since the release of Wanchain 5.0 in Q4 last year, the Wanchain ecosystem has attracted a large number of developers and enthusiasts. A series of ecological applications have been released, including WanLend, WanSwap, FinnNexus Options, Red Packet, BittlyDEX, Wandora Box, Jack’s Pot , Dark Forest, etc.

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What’s New for Dark Forest

According to the major upgrade of original Dark Forest on Ethereum, Wanchain developers have also upgraded the Wanchain-based Dark Forest.

Here are the new features:

  • Added an experimental plugin system
  • Seek artifact NFTs by exploring the universe
  • Performance improvements

It is worth noting that the players’ data and records in the old version of Dark Forest cannot be inherited to the new version of Dark Forest. Players must re-create the game account to start a new journey.

Advantages of Developing Dapps on Wanchain

Compared with developing Dapps on other public chains, developing dapps on Wanchain has many advantages. The advantages can be summarized as the following two points

Dual Dapp: One dapp to be deployed on both chains

With the existing Dapps on Ethereum, we can easily deploy a set of the same Dapps on Wanchain to facilitate users to participate in the dapp. At the same time, with the help of Wanchain’s wanBridge cross-chain mechanism, these Dual Dapps’ internal assets can be freely transferred between the two chains, thereby greatly expanding the application scenarios and audiences.

Solving the pain points of high gas fees on Ethereum

At present, the gas fees on Ethereum has been reduced compared to the previous period, but the gas fees of a few dollars or even a dozen dollars for a single transaction with smart contract are still barriers for common users. In the face of helpless users and project parties, deploying Dapps on Wanchain can effectively solve this pain point.

The project team can deploy a DeFi application on Wanchain that is exactly the same as that on Ethereum, allowing users to fully enjoy the functions on Wanchain but a completely different experience: extremely low Gas fees and extremely fast transaction speed. In addition, through Wanchain’s cross-chain mechanism, users can cross-chain transfer back their DeFi assets from Wanchain to Ethereum.

Of course, the Ethereum-based Dark Forest team now adopts layer 2 network mechanism to solve the expensive gas issue.

How to Play the ‘Dark Forest’

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​Wanchain-based Dark Forest: http://darkforest-v5.wandevs.org/

Developed by: Wanchain developers

Audit by: Wanchain dev team

Note: The game is derived from the original Ethereum-based Dark Forest, so the Space Masters information has not been cleared.

Create An Account

Open the Dark Forest website in Google Chrome. Click “Enter” to start the game (Please note that other browsers do not support it at present.)

Then type “n” to create a new account. Copy the account address and save it as a file. Meanwhile, transfer a small amount of WAN to this address for gas fees. (2WAN is enough for your to play the game). Press any key to continue.

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After waiting for the game to download data and initialize successfully, press Enter to start from your home star. If there is 0 WAN in the address, an error will pop up to tell you that the balance is insufficient.

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When entering the game again next time, you can directly type “a” to log in an existing account.

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Explore in the universe​

Explore in the universe, occupy planets, and collect resources.

Resources are divided into two types: ‘Energy’ and ‘Silver’.

Energy is used for resource transportation and planet occupation, and silver mines are used for planet upgrade.

Level 0 planets cannot be upgraded or stored silver mines.

Each planet can automatically increase its energy until it reaches the energy limit.

Only some special planets can produce silver mines.

(As shown in the picture below: the lightning icon is the energy, and the ZK icon is the silver mine)

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​​Detailed information is shown below:

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The UP arrow in the bottom indicates that this planet can be upgraded.

After clicking, you can see that there are 3 upgrade directions: defense, range, and speed. (As shown below)

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​When the number of silver mines is reached, you can upgrade.

Multiple players can attack each other’s planet.

It takes extra energy to occupy a planet with wild monsters.

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​The dotted circle displayed after the planet is selected represents the distance that the current energy can reach. The longer distance, the more energy is consumed. (As shown below)

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After selecting a planet, click the ‘Send Resources’ button to start carrying resources to other planets. Below, you can use the lightning icon or the up and down arrows to select the amount of energy as well as the silver mines carried by that trip.

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Planets with energy shields or wild monsters need extra energy to occupy. You can use the energy of multiple planets to consume the energy shield little by little until the energy is zero and occupy it.

You can click to buy ‘HAT’ , and use $WAN coins to purchase and upgrade the hats. Hats have different patterns.

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Tap the ‘+-’ symbol in the upper left corner of the screen to quickly zoom in and out of the map.

Click the settings button in the upper left corner to export the private key, coordinates, and map. These three elements are essential to resume this game.

The map is continuously expanded and explored through the hash computation.

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Exploring the map consumes more CPU, you can click the pause button to stop and continue exploring at any time.

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​You can bind your Twitter account in the upper left corner and give yourself a customized account name.

Each planet can be created as a Non-fungible token (NFT). The red circled part represents this NFT’s unique ID. In the future, such NFT tokens can be traded among users through another NFT trading platform by using WAN coins.

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Explore the universe artifacts — NFT assets

As you explore the universe, you will find artifacts from the planets. If the player finds that there are artifacts hidden on a planet, they can obtain them. The artifacts will improve the attributes of the planet, similar to the traditional game for the roles to wear different game props.

The universe artifacts are classified according to categories and rarity. The artifacts obtained on this planet can also be transferred to other planets.

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Finally, have fun with Dark Forest and create your unique NFTs!

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