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By Disguise | Wallets - 2020 | 25 May 2020

What is

e0b8478212cb7173268bd535793f32c4e707991d1b81b970aa4ceec4a9b0423e.jpeg is a cryptocurrency but also a payment platform aiming to promote the adoption of crypto on a wider scale. has stated its goal of promotion as follows: "the world's transition to cryptocurrency". Following this goal, the company slowly build themself by establishing an ecosystem of multiple blockchain products. All the products were sold under the MCO brand. 

Currently, these products include:

  • MCO Visa card
    • Midnight Blue
    • Ruby Steel (Metal)
    • Jade Green/ Royal Indigo (Metal)
    • Icy White/ Rose Gold (Metal)
    • Obsidian Black (Metal)
  • Mobile wallet app
  • (Coin)
  • (MCO) Wallet


The Wallet offers a place, where you can store and buy over 45 currencies. It furthermore allows the buying of crypto with a 0% Credit card fee, saving users a lot of money. With Metal Visa Cards, you can get up to 5% Cashback on all spendings. The application also allows you to earn interest on your assets. When having over 500 MCO stake this interest percentage can be as high as 18% P.A. Visa Cards


The Visa cards offered by are one of their main products. These cards are designed to combine the debit/credit cards with cryptocurrencies.

The cards have the following features: 

  • Free ATM Withdrawals
  • Tap and Pay
  • No annual fees and minimum balance required (except for higher tiers a holding requirement exists)
  • Up to 5% cashback on overseas spending's
  • Free shipping
  • 100% Cashback on standard Spotify and Netflix subscriptions 
  • 10% Back on Expedia and Airbnb
  • Lounge-Key airport lounges for selected cards

You can join now and earn up to 50$ when buying MCO tokens by using the code xzuj4zm4mt or by following this link

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Wallets - 2020
Wallets - 2020

Everything and really everything about wallets

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