Governments with banks and crypto - it doesn't go together?
Governments with banks and crypto - it doesn't go together?

By CryptoManiaC | **Walkman** | 19 Jul 2019

Maybe so, but we're not really as far away as the uninitiated. The proof is Japan, where several leading banking institutions have introduced the currency of the J-coin, which is still under development, and which it plans to massively promote during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games it hosts. Sweden is known for its cashless policy and when you want to pay in cash, they look at you as a fool. Even the Swedish central bank has introduced the E-krona project, which will be a digital currency tied to their Swedish crown. And Russian President Putin talks about CryptoRouble.

The reasons are simple - governments do not want to lose control of the money people normally use. At the same time, however, it must be borne in mind that government-issued digital currencies will not have a ceiling like BTCs (up to 21M mined - generally accepted code will be no more), that is, governments will print their cryptocurrency as well as they do it now with ordinary money, which is increasingly in circulation.

This key feature that will ensure that people are increasingly moving people into the BTC in order to preserve value in something really rare, easily convertible, with a tightly limited number that decreases over the long term.


I think that as every Internet company, community, government pushes its x-coin, bound to its fiat. This will bring the population into the crypt without exaggeration.

This course of events happens that most of the population uses crypto, as it is today with the Internet, a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet in recent years ... Today, about 3% of people in developed countries can own any cryptocurrency (or how many people owned at least some part of BTC for some time in the last year). Most of the population will be in the crypt for 3 years, they will be very close to the BTC and begin to realize its advantages over central bank currencies.


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