West Coast Corps Strike Again in Colstrip Montana

By Walk In Verse | Walk In Verse | 24 Feb 2022

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In Colstrip, Montana, a power plant contaminates the town, as the West Coast benefits. Even with locals in ruin, it didn't matter. The Corporations behind the destruction carried on. In one example, a holding pond leaked. It destroyed the water supply of some residents; their wells, unusable (Kasic, Kathy. 2008).

But the carnage didn't end with wells. Families homes suffered. Every day they dealt with a grease like residue, it covered their property. Dust overwhelmed their homes and automobiles. A simple swipe across glass outside yielded darkened finger tips. Their homes, once solid and built to last, compromised. The mines dynamite blasts rocked their city. Water from the power plant saturated their soil. Their home’s foundations, on the brink of collapse.

Due to all the chaos, current and past residents took a stand. They sued. The companies who owned the mine and power plant lost (TOM LUTEY. 2021). Twenty-five million awarded for the damage they caused. Not enough, but it’s politics.

The Irony

The businesses behind the fiasco didn’t have roots in Montana;

  • Avista, Spokane WA
  • Oregon Utilities PacificCorp
  • Portland General Electric
  • Puget Sound Energy, Western WA
  • Rosebud Mine owned by Westmoreland Mining LLC, Lone Tree, CO

These organization serve the West Coast, PNW and other locations. Their motto, they believe in fairness and honesty. But in 1997 the trouble with the plant began. Seven years after the lawsuit, they agreed to pay for the damage they created. In another contamination lawsuit, the plant denies all allegations (Kasic, Kathy. 2008).

But, again, they're all about the environment and fairness.

Oregon’s PacificCorp

Oregon's PacificCorp cares about the environment. They lead the way to a sustainable energy future. The defenders of the environment and its habitat. In WA state, the Lewis river’s fish population doesn’t need to worry with PacificCorp at the helm. In Idaho, water quality improved for 3,358 acres of land (Pacificorp. n.d.).


PSE does what's right. They hold themselves to a strict ethical standard. Each action taken encompasses fairness, decency and honesty (Pudget Sound Energy. n.d.). It’s their code of conduct. It’s what they believe.


In 2021, for the second time, Avista won the World's Most Ethical Companies award. They provide safe and reliable energy to their customers for healthy communities (Avista Corp. n.d.).

And yet, it’s these same companies who lost the lawsuit for contamination of the environment they declare to protect.

WA State’s Unconstitutional Rule

But it get's better. In 2017, Washington state's Department of Ecology denied an export dock permit for Montana and Wyoming. They blocked their ability to ship coal. Their reason, "the facility on the Columbia River would cause “irreparable and unavoidable” environmental harm."

Yet the facility in Montana where families suffer, not a word.


This isn't about harm to the environment. It's about Woke politics and total control.

The denial by WA state goes against trade protectionism between states, and they knows it. But at the end of the day it doesn't matter (Mead Gruver. 2021). The path forward for the tyrants in charge, destroy red states at all cost. The rule of law, vanished.

From where I sit, this looks more like hit job. Another way for the DNC to erode states which refuse their agendas.

If Montana and other constitutional states wish to keep alive, it's time to seek resources from like minds. The time has come to secede from the socialist loving left. As a house divided is a house that cannot stand (Mark 3:25).


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Walk In Verse
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Independent journalist sharing bits of truth one story at a time.

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