A Lack of Empathy, The New Normal

By Walk In Verse | Walk In Verse | 18 Mar 2022

A Political Poem on Culture with Commentary


The prostitute screams
Bleeding in the streets
    — Wrists slit,
        She screams;
        You look — paying no heed —
            And you think it’s funny?

The drug dealer rides
Telling lies as your child dies
From the addiction the dealer provides
    — And you think it’s funny?


Because you can’t see;
You’re caught up in societies greed;
    All you care about is me:
        Self-entitled dreams,
                Just make believe
                    — It’s all about me.

When will you realize
There is more to life
Than materialized possessions
That you can’t take when you’re dead?

When will you understand
That when one is terrorized:
    Violently molested,
    Murdered without objection,
    Raped in the name of love,
    Abused because the man could
        — That it isn’t funny:
            For this could be you,
            Or the one you love,
            Or even your wife.

All that matters in this life
Is for you to think,
Contemplate on the things unseen:
    The struggles of others,
    Thinking of those in need
    Instead of your own damn greed.

For the things we see here in this life,
    What we touch,
    And breathe
    Are not what they seem.
    They are but a dream,
    A fraudulent smoke screen
    Forcing one to see
        — The self-entitled me.

And you think it’s funny…


Today, I re-share the poem, “You think it’s funny?” as it has never been more true. We allow sexual deviants to rule the world while people turn a blind eye. We watch human traffickers attack our women as we sit silent.

…Joe Biden had put her up against a wall and had put his hands up her skirt and had put his fingers inside her…

— Lynda LaCasse

Criminals voted into power because society liked how they looked. They didn’t care what they stood for.

And she’s not surprised, she said, that women support his [Gavin Newsom] candidacy: “He is a good-looking guy. Maybe that could be the reason.”

— Yessenia Contreras

We allow the media to distract us with propaganda. They cover up stories of rapists who control our nation.



News streams through our feeds every day of carnage and sexual abuse. Innocent children destroyed while felons laugh it off. Judges turn a blind eye and allow convicted monsters to walk: a slap on the wrist. Their next victim awaits, no mercy shown.



And while the country burns from within, people laugh it off, as some think it’s funny.

So yes, the prostitute screams. Her cries for help fall on deaf ears. And if she’s lucky, she’ll make it home one more night before the next John takes her life. But even with all this, society pays no heed. For all they care about is the self-entitled “me.”


originally posted on substack

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Walk In Verse
Walk In Verse

Independent journalist sharing bites of truth one story at a time.

Walk In Verse
Walk In Verse

Independent journalist sharing bits of truth one story at a time.

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