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By HKMan | HK Blog | 28 Mar 2021

I recently wrote about my experience with Rollercoin. You can read it here if you'd like to, in short my experience with the site was positive and I've earned over 1500 Dogecoin since registering there early this year. But I've also realized that I didn't really explain the site too well so I've decided to do that now.

The Basics

Rollercoin is an "Online Mining Simulator" in which you play games which earn you hashrate to "mine" various types of Cryptocurrencies. The site allows you to mine three different Crypto Currencies, namely Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum on top of an in-game currency called Rollertoken which is used to buy "Hardware" miners which give you a permanent bonus to your hashrate. 

The Games

The way it works is that these games have 10 different difficulty levels each earning you more hashrate than the previous level. Upon three successful completions of any given game you'll find yourself on the next difficulty level. The games won't stay at the higher difficulty levels forever, It'll slowly drop down to the first difficulty level within a day meaning that it pays to play as much as you can each day. The hashrate rewards for succesful completion range from 600 GH/s to 2400 GH/s, at the highest difficulty level most games pay out ~1500 GH/s with one exception. The hashrate earned though these games lasts a maximum of 7 days meaning that you'll run into a maximum achievable hashrate at some point in time. You'll have to play games each day if you want to keep your hashrate. The games all take half a minute to a full minute to complete. 


To withdraw any given currency you'll have to acquire a certain amount of it before being able to do so. The minimum withdrawals are as follows:

Bitcoin: 0.0001

Dogecoin: 360

Ethereum: 0.008

While there are no fees associated with withdrawing Bitcoin and Dogecoin the same isn't true for Ethereum as of right now. You'll be the one paying the transaction fee in that case.

A Few Tips

-Token Blaster is the highest paying game with a reward of 2400 GH/s at the highest level.

-If you want to buy a "Hardware" miner it's best to wait for a sale, they frequently drop the price during various Holidays.

-Stick with it, although you may despair at how little you earn at first it will add up over time. 

If you'd like to give Rollercoin a try you can use my referral link right here.


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