Polygon Yield Farming

By HKMan | HK Blog | 19 Jun 2021

DeFi has come to Polygon in a big way. New Yield Aggregators spring up every day and more and people are jumping on the opportunity. Polygon makes DeFi especially attractive due to its low fees. The fact that it's also early in the game also means that yields are extremely high. You should of course be careful, as´much as this opportunity attracts investors and well intentioned developers it will also naturally attract scammers so DYOR before investing in any of this. 

The biggest Matic Yield Aggregator according to DappRadar is Polycat Finance and it's easy to see why. Everyone loves cats and aside from that it's also the most fleshed out and attractive looking site of the bunch as far as I can tell. The high APY rates exceeding 9000% don't hurt either. So far it's a very easy choice for me when looking at the competition although that may change at any point in the future and I can't wait to see where DeFi goes on Matic, I certainly hope it does well. 

If you're in any way interested in partaking in this all you'll need to do is set-up your Metamask for the Matic Network and acquire some MATIC.

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