Binance Launches Futures Trading for NKN prior to Coinbase Listing

By HKMan | HK Blog | 9 Apr 2021

On April 7th Coinbase announced four new listings, namely 1INCH, ENJ, OGN and NKN. Futures trading for the first three was already possible on Binance and today they've decided to add NKN to the list of Coins and Tokens that you're able to trade on Binance Futures. This presents an opportunity for huge gains but also for huge losses for anyone who'd like to speculate on how their Coinbase listing will affect the price of these four Crypto Currencies. As of the right now it's still a couple of hours until trading these Crypto Currencies will be possible on Coinbase Pro (see their blog for the precise time) so anyone who'd like to try their luck still has the chance to do so. Remember to set your Stop Loss unless you want to lose it all.

If you'd like to learn more about NKN you can do so through their website.

And if you haven't registered an account on Binance you can use my referral code to save 10% on trading fees:


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