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Transmission #4

By NCC1888 | Wagon Train to the Stars | 12 Mar 2022


It's been a bumpy ride up here since the last time we talked.

Somebody down there with nuclear launch codes doesn't like my fireside chats live from orbit telling all the ants to stand up. They've been playing orbital Battleship with tactical nukes. They have absolutely no idea where in orbit we're at. Somebody is wasting millions of dollars of hardware – yeah, it's the Americans shooting at us – hoping that one of their potshots gets lucky.

Lucky or not – as long as our screens are up, you're not going to scratch one bolt on the hull of this ship. Our shields won't even get a workout against a thermonuclear device. Our shields are designed to withstand the onslaught of MULTIPLE hits from matter/anti-matter weapons. Sorry, you guys aren't there yet. But, please, keep shooting your nuclear arsenal into high orbit with no target to speak of. At some point, you're going to run out of nukes and that'll be a good thing for the rest of humanity.

But you better save a few if you're really planning on covering up your COVID democide operations in a convenient nuclear exchange with the Russians. Now that the plannedemic has lost all its wheels and is dead in the ditch, the perps need to get something else quick or they're going to be facing a globo-mob of pitchforks and torches dragging them all off to Nuremberg 2.0.

Since the Masters of the World are very much insane, the prospect of triggering an unwinnable nuclear war would really go a long way to pulling their asses out of the COVID noose. Nukes will solve everything. It'll destroy humanity and everything else. All the records of COVID criminality get incinerated in the nuclear fireballs. Those pesky freedom lovers that refuse to bend a knee to psychopaths will be reduced to dust on a radioactive wind.

These people, your Rulers, are obsessed with Death. Their infatuation with Death overrides the hardwired biological instinct for self-preservation. Which would tend to indicate that whatever really is lurking at the heart of this, it isn't human. Rational, sane human beings don't willingly suicide the future of everything on the premise that a mass extinction event is somehow the best solution to living in what they consider the evil of matter.

This is what you need to understand about the Rulers you are suffering under. They're essentially militant male homosexual Gnostics that hate this material existence so profoundly, the only way out is Mass Death. Gnostics view the manifest Universe as the handiwork of an evil Creator god. Physical life is evil. Death is the way to liberate the light that was stolen by the Demiurge (evil Creator) and return that light to its rightful place – reabsorbed into the Totality that is the Real God, hidden beyond Creation.

To a hardcore Gnostic, everyday life is a curse. Men and women procreating is the Most Horrible Sin because creating a baby just creates another spark of the True God that is now an inmate in the prison of Matter. Death then, is the ultimate sacrament, the best outcome to look forward to, the only way to escape the prison of the material universe. Now the true reasoning behind movements like abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality and death cult nihilism make perfect sense when you realize it's all being instigated by a gang of hidden gay Gnostics with a monstrous taste for young boys.

There's a reason why the world elite seem to be largely made up of male homosexual psychopaths that lust the day humanity dies. It's because they're all GNOSTICS. They're at war with material existence.

They won't stop until they immanentize the Eschaton – bringing Heaven to Earth with thermonuclear White Light.

Regardless, these lunatics have been sold a sodden bill of goods. Whatever is putting these ideas into circulation isn't from these parts. They're from Outside, from another dimension. We're very concerned that this Interdimensional Menace will be successful in washing the world over in a tidal wave of Death. While the human Gnostic minions are a serious threat, this alien influence is what needs to be identified, located, and neutralized.

I've got my historical and sociological experts pouring through all the historical records available in this time period to track down the hoof prints of this menace. We've noticed something interesting about the myths and legends we've sifted through: the universal story humanity tells about alien reptiles that once ruled the earth. Apparently, they never left. They just went underground. Literally.

That's where the Earth Resistance needs to direct its attention – to the warnings that our ancestors left in every corner of the globe about the shapeshifting reptilians from Draco. Your boy David Icke is chasing down the right rabbit hole after all...

Don't laugh about the idea of humanoid reptilians. I've got one in my crew. He's called a Gorn and isn't one of the Draco race. Whatever the Draco are, they are not any physical race that we know of in the 23rd Century. Therefore, they must be from another dimension entirely. Perhaps a parallel and averse universe to this one. Where our universe is predicated on a rampaging proliferation of the energy of Life, the averse universe is based on the negative energy of Death.

More to follow.




Stardate: 2203.11 (local)


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Transmissions from somewhere in orbit. An Earthship from the future marooned in time communicates directly with the people of Earth to derail a mass extinction event being orchestrated by the elite ruling bodies manipulating every planetary government.

Wagon Train to the Stars
Wagon Train to the Stars

A series of communications outlining the boundaries of the bright Future Humanity has in store should the humans alive in the Raging 2020s successfully defeat the monsters behind the emerging Eugenics War.

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