A Concise Summary of Why You Should Be Using the Brave Browser, right now

By Vulgar Username | Vulgar Content | 4 May 2021


A Brave New Way to Browse




Brendan Eich started development on the Brave project in mid 2015. From the absolute beginning, there was a hard emphasis on user privacy. Identifying the growing issue of corporations intrusively tracking user data on the Internet, Eich set out to give users a browser that took care of privacy for them. No excessive measures to go through, no loss of functionality. Just privacy.

Fast forward to 2021, and the Brave browser has maintained its pursuit of privacy excellence. However, even if you're someone who couldn't possibly care less about being tracked or having a say in who accesses your data, the Brave browser has added an immense amount of features in other avenues. And the privacy protection has only been enhanced.

Here's a quick run down of what's been added over the years, and why you should replace your current browser with BRAVE, right now.

  • You get paid to browse the internet.

No gimmick here. The browser automatically adds small amounts of cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token, or BAT) to your crypto wallet based on the amount of ads you come across. Not only that, but you can control the amount of ads you see per hour. While the amounts are, admittedly, minuscule, they do add up. Not to mention, BAT is a token with high potential and the tokens you earn while browsing have the potential to appreciate by a large margin.

  • All ads except ads that you are PAID to see are blocked

That's it. You see no ads whatsoever except for the BRAVE Ad content that you get rewarded for. No more unskippable Youtube ads. No more awful banner ads that make websites unusable. You're safe with Brave.

  • TOR is built in

Google Chrome has the cheeky incognito mode with the spy mascot, but does it have the power of the Onion? Nope! No other browser offers integrated TOR usage, which is excellent for hiding your IP address and maintaining a general sense of privacy while you browse.

  • Participating content creators that you love benefit from your browsing

Content creators like Mr. Beast on Youtube have partnered with BRAVE to allow fans a new way to support creators.  You can choose to tip your favorite channels with the BAT in your wallet. No longer do you have to feel even remotely guilty for using ad block!

  • It has the best design

Okay, this one is very subjective, but level with me here. Download BRAVE and use it for five minutes. Tell me BRAVE isn't just more sleek, easier to read, and more aesthetically pleasing than any other browser you've ever used. Go on.

  • The mobile app has all the same features, plus it isn't a battery hog

Chrome, Firefox, even Safari all consistently drain the battery of my iPhone when I browse for extended periods of time. I've found BRAVE to be the easiest on my battery.

  • Seamless integration with BRAVE VPN

One of the best VPN services out there to protect your anonymity online, and it obviously integrates wonderfully with the Brave browser on mobile and desktop.



For me personally, BRAVE was the biggest jump in quality of web browsing I've ever done. At least since graduating to Google Chrome from Internet Explorer back in the day. And at this point, just how I never had any reason to go back to the dark ages of IE, I see no reason to ever turn back to the days of Chrome. Brave is my browser for the foreseeable future, and I think it should definitely be yours too. 

If you've already jumped on the bandwagon, share this article with your friends. Brave can easily become the net's ubiquitous browser in the next five years, and the community only grows larger by the day!



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