Goofing off for the day, boomeranging around doing stupid stuff

Conflicted in my robes, need to give my face a buff

Blush, no complaining and the keep the pace up

Though its clear a mirror, there's no competition, just bluffs

As I take a moment in the bathroom to energize up

I've never ever been one to make up

Any contradictions, contradictory to what's before us

Here some wine take a shot, you're gonna need eight cups

Fame and glory, call me mister opportunist

Miss snow flake what is your synopsis

You can be the victoria of my white castle

You can reach me on an imessage, burn your nostril

Profess its cool, it brings joy from within

Soaring higher than an eagle, that is your sin

Low is high, high is vague

This isnt your brain on gas, but gas on the brain

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The Von Himself
The Von Himself

A poet himself, delivering poetry from the soul himself

vons poetry corner
vons poetry corner

A place where my creative wit takes form

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