The choices you've made in life finally brings you to a crossroad

There is a fork placed before you

Two directions that decides your fate

Will I go the to one on the left

Or is the left the wrong one, should I make my way to the right

Its inconceivable that they are the same

For they each go in a different way

This makes my choice even more difficult

My mind ponders on what's to become

Should I learn left or should I lean to the right

Choices to make of, which I have no clue

Hesitation strikes



My Thoughts are adrift with fear

Uncertainty shows from my eyes

Unable to cope with my absent mind

Either way I must decide

As I bite my lip and clench my fist

All of a sudden a gentle wind pushes me forward

Down the road that I'm meant to go

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The Von Himself
The Von Himself

A poet himself, delivering poetry from the soul himself

vons poetry corner
vons poetry corner

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