KardiaChain [ The First Decentralized Interoperable and Self Optimised Blockchain Ecosystem ]

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KardiaChain is the first fully decentralised interoperable and self-optimised blockchain ecosystem.

KardiaChain is blockchain of blockchains, the fully scalable and interoperable blockchain platform for decentralised applications. The KardiaChain project includes smart cities, supply chain management and fully decentralized channel exchanges. KardiaChain technology allows non-intrusive links to transfer assets and data between participating blocks and Dapps. KardiaChain aims to create a collective force that combines the strengths of all participants in the implementation of the massive new blockchain idea, which is very attractive because it supports the idea that a single project cannot solve all technical hurdles on its own. 

With KardiaChain, developers can easily create smart contracts that can run on multiple blocks. In addition, developers can develop DApps while working in different blocks, without the complete technical know how to negotiate these circuits. KardiaChain will also create a complete network of private and public block chains, where the channel can interact with other network circuits without changing internal communications. This, in turn, will reduce costs and avoid congestion while ensuring maximum security.

KardiaChain's perspective is that each piece has a different circuit that meets a specific purpose and must take on its unique character. However, there are legacy issues and limitations, such as scalability and interoperability of data and assets. It is hard to disagree with this statement.

In particular, in order to lay a solid foundation for the future development of smart cities, KardiaChain will begin to use blockchain technology in the following key areas:

* Education
The KardiaChain ecosystem allows schools and universities to store and share student profiles. This will help improve management transparency, reduce the number of documents and prevent fraudulent activities such as hacking recordings and changes in results. With digital information, Student Admissions can quickly check and select the most appropriate candidate. Accurate performance records simplify the process of establishing benchmarks and standards for a more efficient acceptance process.

* Recruitment
In the future, KardiaChain's technology can help accelerate the recruitment process by reducing the need to filter individual ancestors, including transcripts and academic papers. Tenants should not worry about fake certificates or documents. Students may also choose to share their performances before the end of their studies with potential recruiters.

* Healthcare
Blockchain tracking technology securely stores patient records and prescriptions to prevent loss or confusion.
Medical facilities can use this data during treatment, regardless of where the patient is treated in Vietnam and abroad, without any confidentiality issues.

* Business Data Management
When each local government uses a separate system of blocked circuits to store its data in human resources, taxes, financial statements, the ecosystem provided by KardiaChain, connects all these blockchains, allowing government departments to access all superiors business. The latest updates of the structure and operations.
Tax and financial services can securely share commercial information to improve regulation.


Learn more about "KardiaChain" Project

The KardiaChain project technology allows large-scale absorption, expansion of use and presentation of the blockchain ecosystem. We built a platform for distributed applications (Dapps) and helped create an ecosystem of blocks allowing extensions and links to different blocking programs.

KardiaChain aims to connect dFrames between strings of blocks to allow individual enterprise strings or apps to interact with each other and create a separate blokcheyn ecosystem to optimize speed and cost. An overloaded blockchain transaction can be redirected and processed by another block to reduce congestion and combine the processing power of the other blocks.

KardiaChain emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, both from the point of view of the end user and the terms of the developer's terms of use: "integration is not assimilated". Most intermediate communication proposals currently require fundamental changes to existing blocks and require a large number of protocols / frameworks to accept newly created blocks.

The KardiaChain team has developed a non-intrusive solution called Dual Master (or a two-node acronym) to facilitate inter-channel operations between existing and future blockchain platforms. The ultimate goal of KardiaChain is to create a unified ecosystem in which developers can easily create smart contracts that can run on multiple blocks, optimize costs and avoid clutter, and securely contract with other channels. and secure. Communication.

KardiaChain is committed to strengthening the deployment of blockchain technology in the public and private sectors. By participating in road operations around the world, our mission is to educate governments, the technological innovation projects of companies and the DAP of the ecosystem we are building.


Use cases of KardiaChain




The main solution for KardiaChain

The main solution for KardiaChain is the master double node. The solution provides a non-intrusive way to further facilitate the decentralized connection between channels, reducing costs and increasing the speed of KardiaChain's capabilities. It supports interactions between smart contracts on different blockchains, allows transfer of assets and data cross-chain.

The Dual Master Node simultaneously accesses both ledgers of KardiaChain and another blockchain of choice and uses BFT dPoS consensus model to support the decentralization in cross-chain activities. It breaks down into the following main components:

1. Translation uses the KSM (Kardia Unified Smart Contract Language) language to remove the language barrier between different intelligent contract platforms and to promote the translation of middleware translation into smart contracts between KardiaChain and external circuits.

2. The router sets the best chain to locate translated requests based on multiple entries such as performance , billing fee , wait time, and capacity.

3. The hub loads new updates from other chains to reduce KardiaChain voltage, potentially reducing the updated blockchain to a KardiaChain transaction.

Deploys custom smart contract templates to Kardia, then translate and transmit them as a local contract for the corresponding channel. In addition, the Kardia ecosystem contains a decentralized exchange which allows atomic swap trading between assets on different blockchains.


ICO Details of "KadiaChain"


* Token Ticker : KAI

* Token Type : Utility

* Platform : Ethereum

* Token Type : ERC20

* Accepting Currencies : ETH, BTC

* Country : Singapore

* Restricted areas : USA, Canada, New Zealand, China


Roadmap of "KardiaChain"




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