HiveStats Monthly Progress - April 2021

By Hephaistos | Hephaistos | 30 Apr 2021


Today I have met HiveStats in which you can see your Hive account progress over the last seven days and the last 30 days. If you are a HIVE user, I bet you already know it.


Just write your Hive username then see the stats.


I hadn't posted for a while on HIVE till the last Saturday. I got 4.73 HIVE only from curation rewards in a month. I know it's not much, but I liked analyzing and tracking the stats, rewards and operations that I have done on HIVE. I hope I will post more and more in the next months so that I can share a post with higher stats.

I would like to thanks @LeoFinance for the contributions to HiveStats.

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