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HiveStats 14 Day Progress - February 2023

By Hephaistos | Hephaistos | 26 Feb 2023

This is my eleventh in all and the second 14-Day Account Progress post of 2023. As I have said before, Account Progress post has been one of my favourite posts I like to share very much on HIVE. I hope that I will be able to share it once in every 14 days as well. Thus, I don't need to wait for a month to share this kind of post I like.

I have started to share my Account Progress posts on HIVE TR and TRListe Communities to support TR Community.

HIVE has been an addiction for me. HIVE has also been the social media platform that I use the most. I try to be active on HIVE everyday by posting, upvoting and commeting on posts thanks to @ecency DApp.

If you also want to analyze your stats on HIVE Blockchain, just write your account name on, all is collected in one page.


Taken from

Here is the some data that was collected from HiveStats for the first 14 days of February:

I improved my activity and therefore my rewards very well on HIVE throughout December and January. I can say that I have started 2023 alright. I received 5.21 HIVE from Curation Rewards, 28.06 HIVE and 12.60 HBD from Author Rewards, also 4.03 HBD interest payout from Savings in the first 14 days of February. All the rewards except HIVE from author rewards increased compared to the previous post. However, APR rate decreased from 8.40% to 8.31%. It is because I used my Hive Power also when it was below 85%. Thanks to the increased interest rate of HBD from 12% to 20%, I have been accumulating HBD for a long time and I reached my goal of accumulating 500 HBD in January. Despite the reduced HBD earnings from the rewards pool, I will continue accumulating HBD without setting any goal for myself. Therefore, I can participate in HIVE Power Up Days, organized by @hivebuzz and HIVE TR Community, anytime I want. It sounds very reasonable to me for now to receive 20% annual interest payout for an instrument whose value is almost equal to 1 USD. I will definitely convert some of them to HIVE to power up if its price ever goes over $1 again. What is written here about HBD is not financial advice.

I achieved my second goal on HIVE, 1500 HP milestones, in December. My next goal is to achieve 1750 HP milestones. I reached 66 reputation in December and the next phase is to reach 67 reputation. I could increase my HIVE Power to 1648 HP and my reputation to 66.7 reputation in February.

From June 2022 Monthly Progress post on, I have started to share my first five Hive-Engine tokens staked in my wallet as well. Now I can also analyze them comparing to my last HiveStats post. Here are my first five staked Hive-Engine tokens data that was collected from HiveStats as of 14th day of February:

Taken from

During the 14 day period, Leo increased 0.08%, WAIV 0.02%, POB 6%, CENT 7% and CTP 7%. I have noticed that there have been constant and considerable increases in POB, CENT and CTP tokens in monthly and 14 Day periods. I think this is about the high number of users who stake the tokens and use the tags of which on HIVE. Since the HiveStats ranking is based on the USD value of the tokens, the top 5 ranking is changeable. That's why the token named PAY has taken place at top five in this post.14 Day Hive-Engine token earnings are equivalent to 1.52 HIVE.

I have been active almost everyday on HIVE since August 2021. 2022 was the year in which I shared the most posts, read the most posts, upvoted the most posts, received the most upvotes, commented on the most posts, and received the most comments on HIVE. I hope that I will realize much more and reach my next goals in 2023.

I would like to thanks @LeoFinance team for the contributions to HiveStats. Hope to see you in the next 14 Day progress post. Thank you for reading.

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