August 30, The Victory Day of Turkey

By Hephaistos | Hephaistos | 30 Aug 2021

The Victory Day is celebrated on August 30 every year in Turkey, also in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is a national holiday and celebrated to pay tribute to the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief in 1922, the Great Counter-Attack against the Greek Army that were to reach Ankara to end the battle.


The Great Counter-Attack began at the night of August 27, which was directed by Mustafa Kemal (later Atatürk). It was completed with the victory of the Turkish army. The Greek army were heavily destroyed and surrounded on August 30 in Dumlupınar, Kütahya. The Greek army had started constant retreat backwards İzmir due to the Turkish Army's advance towards west. Upon arrival of the Turkish army in İzmir on September 8, the Greek administration left the city. On September 9, the Turkish army took the control of the whole city, this is also known the last phase of the Great Counter-Attack.

August 30, the Victory Day is a public holiday and celebrations are mostly hold in Ankara, capital of Turkey.

Happy Victory Day!

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