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By Arsh Verma | voidHistorian | 16 Apr 2021

HVE2: The Next Big Thing!

HVE2 is a native crypto token of the Uhive social network focused on privacy and crypto.

HVE2 Token (Uhive)

Why is it important?

The current landscape of social media is scary, social giants mining user data to target personalised ads, cause civil unrest, manipulate elections etc, this is high time to revolutionise how & where we interact online, Uhive aims to bring crypto and NFTs to mainstream beside providing a safe censorship place for communities to thrive in.

Can you even name a social media that provides rewards for engagement with tokens that can be cashed out? Uhive does, this opens the door towards endless possibility, imagine being a content creator and all you need to earn is focus on your content, no more hustle for sponsors! 

Even users of the platform are all covered by engagement rewards, a social media that pays you for mere browsing and interacting with the stuff you love... All of this is powered by HVE2! well, that's why this is important.

What's more?

Team uhive just released their roadmap and it's promising, have a look:

UHive Road Map Brief

You can find further details over here:

Where can I buy HVE2?

As of now, you can grab them on two of the major exchanges LATOKEN & PROBIT or if you wanna save the hustle then you can even buy them on the Uhive app itself via PayPal and Google Pay.

Where to buy Uhive token HVE2

Important Links:

Uhive Telegram Group:

Uhive Signup Link (Free 100 HVE2 Tokens):  (Use Code: VMC1A4)

Uhive Website:

All artworks are available for free download and sharing over my drive link:


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