HelioLinc3D software for predicting asteroids

Modern technology, especially sophisticated algorithms, has become an important tool in safeguarding Earth from potential asteroid impacts.

The University of Washington has developed an innovative software named HelioLinc3D that streamlines the asteroid identification process. Unlike traditional algorithms that require four images of a moving object to confirm it as an asteroid, HelioLinc3D requires only two, enhancing the efficiency of observatories. One of its notable successes includes the detection of a "potentially hazardous" asteroid, 2022 SF289, which had been missed by earlier surveys.

The software's capabilities are anticipated to reach its full potential at the Vera C. Rubin Observatory in Chile. This observatory is designed to meticulously scan the night sky, aiming to catalog as many celestial objects as possible. Starting its comprehensive 10-year sky survey in 2025, the Rubin Observatory will be equipped to identify exceedingly faint objects, including city-threatening asteroids. With the assistance of HelioLinc3D, it can now achieve this with just two images per night over non-consecutive nights.

This combined effort of the Rubin Observatory and HelioLinc3D will significantly expand our knowledge of the solar system. Beyond just tracking asteroids, the Rubin Observatory will chronicle "all moving objects" in space, including comets, icy worlds, and interstellar entities, marking a significant stride in astronomical research.


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