The Sami Parliament in Sweden turns 30 years

By Vladan Lausevic | Vlad's politics | 17 Sep 2023

Regarding representative democracy in Sweden.

There are 3 main elections every 4 years for the national parliament, regional and local assemblies. Every 5 years, there is also an election for the European Parliament since Sweden has been a part of the EU since 1995.

This year is more interesting because it is also 30 years since the introduction of the Sami Parliament as part of the minority rights and respect for indigenous people made by representatives elected by the members of the Sami community in Sweden.

The parliament is elected every 4 years and makes consulting decisions and recommendations on topics such as nature, ecology, hunting, animals, mining, culture, etc.

The Sami language is one of the 5 minority languages in Sweden, and the language has around 30,000 speakers. Also, the Sami language consists of 9 standardized dialects similar to, for example, German in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and 6 of the Sami dialects are used in Sweden.


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