Your dream will come true if you trust the Pi network.

Your dream will come true if you trust the Pi network.

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 18 Jun 2020

Yes, a Dream is vague & crazy. I wish I could become rich one day thanks to PI.

Do you ever dream of changing your life like me everyday?

I'm an ambitious, extremely ambitious person, but everyday work like this will never have the hope of changing my life.

But from the day I became aware of the Pi Network Crypto I had been hoping. Can everyone say I dreamed. Just like 10 years ago, they laughed at Bitcoin players (at that time, Bitcoin = 0 VND) so that only a few years later, they would regret it when the value of Bitcoin was so great (current 1Bitcoin = 10 thousand USD).

Surely many people will say I'm crazy, I'm bad.
Yes! You said I was crazy, it was crazy to hope for Pi when it was in its infancy like Bitcoin 10 years ago. But at least I have hope. And you guys, what do you hope for ??? Is it true that you expect a surge in your life later ??? Certainly the answer is yes - Who doesn't want to be rich ???

With Pi Network you don't have to do anything. Do not load card. It does not waste time, does not cost anything, just need a mobile phone, something that you may even have two, but just to surf facebook, zalo 1 how to useless?

So why do we have the right to hope but not dream ?? Pretend this is just a game if the project fails after the project, it is just a game that does not lose anything (there are many people still think it will fool me, but actually you will only take 1 day 5s to open the app and then close the app).

I keep dreaming, if dreams do not succeed then I can still hope for something more than a lifetime of plowing and hard work but have no dream right?

It is still early to dream, do not let when people come close to the dream and then you will find out it is late, because when enough turns of people involved in the project will close then you want to follow also no longer follow.

Finally, thank you!

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Lềm Thị Phiến
Lềm Thị Phiến

An an
An an

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