Why is Pi's core group not concerned with losing active pioneers? There are three main reasons for analysis

Why is Pi's core group not concerned with losing active pioneers? There are three main reasons for analysis

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 26 May 2020

1 foundation of Stanford University

        The team has a good foundation and confidence in the success of the project. Pi's friends in the blockchain know that Stanford University is the best place in the world for blockchain technology. Nobody. The three founding groups are all PhD students at Stanford University. And technology leader Nicholas is a professor at Stanford University. In 2009, he developed a social app with more than 20 million users. Facebook awarded him the Facebook Innovation Fund award. Such people are located in Silicon Valley, USA. Millions of people.

 2. The number of active pioneers far exceeds expectation

On Pi's first anniversary, the core group stated that their original goal was 1 million active pioneers, but actually reached 3.5 million, far exceeding their original expectations. Therefore, many pioneers support this project, giving them more confidence to immerse themselves in the project, instead of considering how to maintain a pioneer. (Note that it is a positive pioneer, not a registered amount. To be an active pioneer, two conditions must be met:
 (1) online for three consecutive days
 (2) security circle must be established.
 Operating conditions can be harsh!

3. The strategy is positive

In explaining the strategy of the second phase, the core group of vision emphasized that they currently lack the personnel and funding, which could affect the timing of the main network. According to common wisdom, the core group owns 20% of the Pi amount. Now with over 350 active pioneers, no matter from what angle, the Pi Network project should be easily funded, but why did the core group mention that they confirmed that they lacked money? This may be related to their fear of early intervention. Will affect the control of the Pi project team, and then affect the planning of the whole Pi project.

I have to say that if Pi Network is a new project, they have already done it, but the project team obviously has a bigger goal.

So now we just need to monitor the team's speed with solid confidence, and that's it!

The Pi Project will surely succeed, and the Pi pioneers who persevere to the end will be full.

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