What is EOS cryptocurrency? Who is the development team behind this coin?

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 7 Jun 2020

What is EOS? Those are the questions of many people when participating in the cryptocurrency market. To answer the questions above, in today's article, let me learn about what is EOS? Who is the group behind development?

EOS (Symbol: EOS) is a Blockchain platform developed for decentralized applications (DApps) and Smart Contract, similar to Ethereum in terms of features. EOS can be viewed as an "operating system" that makes it easier to develop DApps. EOS is "backed" by the Block.one group, Block.one has raised $ 4 billion to support the building of the EOS Blockchain during the ICO.

EOS tokens were previously developed on the Ethereum blockchain according to ERC20 standard, after the launch of the test version (Testnet), on 01/60/2018, EOS officially launched the official version (Mainnet) and currently is working on version 1.1.4. In other words, EOS will no longer be an ERC20 Token and it will become a Blockchain-based Coin.

The development team behind EOS

The founder of EOS is Block.one - a company that researches and develops technology solutions, most notably Blockchain technology. Their goal is to bring a safe, free and connected technology.

The key figures of the project include:

Brandan Blumer:2776882072152ffa389630b2d16f0ce26f16e035f2f4e05cb5df050716061f6c.jpeg is the CEO of EOS and also experienced in the field of technology. He achieved many accomplishments at a young age such as founding GameCliff, founding Account Network, founding Okay.com, and many other achievements.

Dan Larimer:05d0488ab2877deb1b03e0d0a8d919eee652f0c0c11ff542e87f806002d7df15.jpeg He is the technical director of EOS and also a very famous software engineer. He achieved such achievements as CEO of Invictus Innocations, CTO of Steemit, CEO of Cryptonomex Inc and CTO of BlockOne.

There is also the cooperation of other members to achieve today's success.

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