Should Ethereum be invested in Ethereum (ETH)?

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 30 May 2020

Yes, in my opinion, I should still invest in Ethereum. Overall, it is still a potential place to invest in the future.

 Of course, price fluctuations can make you lose, it's risky to invest and you have to get used to it. But this is also an opportunity for you to make a lot of money, if you enter the market in November, December 2017, you absolutely can "get rich quick".

And when deciding to invest in a coin you must also have the "choice", evaluation.

Ethereum is one of the largest coins after Bitcoin, price fluctuations are less than other small coins, moreover, Ethereum is the development platform for many other coins and tokens, not to mention businesses and merchants. brands in the world are using Ethereum's Blockchain like Microsoft.

The Ethereum development team is also working constantly to perfect the platform, which is also a good sign for you to believe in the future of the world's second cryptocurrency.

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Lềm Thị Phiến
Lềm Thị Phiến

An an
An an

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